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2012 Nissan Quest LE: Stinky Feet

January 17, 2012

2012 Nissan Quest LE: Stinky Feet 

Following is an exact quote from a Nissan press release explaining the Nissan Quest's super fancy climate control system:

One of the most innovative and certain to be appreciated new technologies is the Quest LE's standard Advanced Climate Control System (ACCS) with Plasmacluster air purifier, Grape Polyphenol Filter and auto recirculation control. The system works three ways to help reduce allergens and unwanted odors within the Quest cabin. Its automatic intake control utilizes sensors to constantly monitor outside odors and automatically closes the intake port to prevent inflow of exhaust fumes or other unpleasant smells into the interior. It then restores fresh air flow automatically when the offensive odors have passed.

The ACCS also employs a Grape Polyphenol Filter to help reduce the number of harmful allergens in the interior air. Finally, an advanced Plasmacluster purifier, generates ions to "scrub" the interior air of unwanted odors--whether they come from outside or inside the vehicle.

All I know is that everytime I see the "grape" icon appear on the instrument cluster, I smell stinky feet. It's as if feet are being scrubbed instead of unwanted odors.

Anyone else smell the smell I smell?

Kelly Toepke, News Editor @ 4,042 miles

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