2011 Nissan Juke Long-Term Road Test

2011 Nissan Juke versus 2012 Kia Soul

December 07, 2011

Juke v Soul.jpg

As I walked down to the garage last night to drive the revised 2012 Kia Soul home, I found this sight. "Man, the Soul looks bigger than the Juke," I said to myself. "Yet, the Juke is considered to be an SUVish thing whereas the Soul is considered a hatchbacky Scion competitor. Oh look a penny!"

It had been hard to think of competitors for the Juke given its size and price, but I think I stumbled upon one last night in the Soul. Follow me for some excellent table-age.

Now, for the purposes of this comparison, let's use a front-wheel-drive Juke since the Soul cannot match our long termer's all-wheel drive. Maybe it should, but it doesn't, and consider that a point for Mr. Toad's Mutant Ride.

I also used the top of the line models of both, though the Soul's price advantage is more evident in its base form (prices and standard features below are indicative of the base Soul with an automatic transmission).

Juke Table.jpg

As I see it, if you want space and a few extra bucks, buy a Soul. If you want performance and handling, buy the Juke. If you want fuel economy, it would seem to be a wash, but remember what happens when you utilize the Juke's turbo goodness.

As I don't consider the Juke fun enough to actually be called fun, I'd go practical and get the Soul. They made a lot of nice changes for 2012 -- more power, better interior materials, more stuff -- and I greatly prefer its styling inside and out.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor

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