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2011 Nissan Juke SL AWD: Mobile Etymology

February 25, 2011


If there's an official story for how Nissan named the Juke, I haven't heard it yet, although I've read that it's a football allusion. I don't know from sports, but I play with words for a living, so here’s my free-association etymology for Juke, based on vehicle types of various sorts. Of course, this probably is nothing like how Nissan arrived at the monicker for its "bold urban sport cross." Or maybe it is.

Start with "ute," Aussie-speak for utility vehicle.

Mini Moke from James Grahame.jpg

Mix in some Moke, such as the Mini Moke you see here. According to the oracle of Wikipedia, "moke" is an archaic term for donkey.

Throw in the front of a junk, the boat of many weird angles.

Junk by Travers.jpg

Voila: "Juke." Improbable, but how do you think Nissan arrived at the name?

Carrol Lachnit, Features Editor @2,118 miles

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