2011 Nissan Juke Long-Term Road Test

2011 Nissan Juke: 4 Guys, a Juke & a Baseball Field

August 29, 2011

4 Guys in a Juke.jpg

Takahashi decided that he wanted to learn how to throw a baseball properly so he enlisted myself, Kurt Niebuhr and veteran LT blog guest star Chris Mehl to help him cross that particular activity off his bucket list. There was a slight problem, though: The biggest car in the group was my ride, the Juke. Not ideal, but this is the stuff blog posts are made for.

As the shorter members of the team, Niebs and Takahashi rode in the back and immediately declared that it wasn't that bad back there. They found a surprising amount of legroom. Of course, that was because Chris and I had got in first to move our seats up. His legs were up against the dash and mine were at a less-than-ideal position for comfortable driving. It was practically a flashback to my MarkIV Jetta days.

In the end, the Juke did just fine for transporting four guys of above-average height for a short distance to a baseball field and then on to lunch. It would not have been a viable choice for a longer journey, such as our last group adventure. As for Takahashi, he still needs to work on his throwing form, but as it turns out, the "kid" can hit.

James Riswick, Baseball Coach @ 11,038 miles

2B Mark Takahashi.jpg

Second baseman Mark Takahashi

Niebs with the fungo.jpg

Coach Niebuhr hits fly balls at Mehl in the outfield

Mehl Man in the Outfield.jpg

While the rest of the team takes a moderately deserved breather in the dugout, the Mehl Man stands prepared for anything in center.

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