2008 Hyundai Veracruz Long-Term Road Test

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2008 Hyundai Veracruz SE AWD: Parent Approved

November 03, 2008


In a previous blog entry I mentioned that I had swapped the Veracruz out for the smart fortwo. The smart had an aux input and was more appropriate for the weekend I had planned. Plus I sort of like the smart.

I whined a little bit about the numb steering in the Veracruz offending me as a driver and left it at that. What I probably should have taken the time to mention was the steering feel being almost the same as what's found in Lexus vehicles-- one of the many elements of Lexus vehicles I happen to dislike. But that type of steering, along with the floaty ride and complete lack of road information transmitted to the driver are the kinds of thing that sells to people like my parents who happened to be visiting for the weekend and who happened to absolutely love the Veracruz

They loved the seat comfort and material. They loved the dash layout and color scheme. My mom wouldn't stop talking about the ride comfort, that she couldn't hear the engine or the wind no matter how fast we were going. My dad busied himself trying to take apart the wireless headphones for the rear seat entertainment..he's an engineer, don't ask.

They were sold. My mom is now considering the Genesis for her next car. (She says that now, but if I know her next time she goes to buy a new car she won't leave the GM lot empty handed...she never does.) And it turns out that after a few hundred miles of exploring California with reluctant tourists, I put aside my steering complaints and found a few things about the Veracruz that I was smitten with like these super handy, and cool when closed, storage bins. I had them filled all weekend. Never with cups.



Mike Magrath, Vehicle Testing Assistant @ 21,203 miles

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