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2000 Honda Odyssey Minivan

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Honda Odyssey Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 3.5 L V 6-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic
  • Horse Power 210 hp @ 5200 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 16/23 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 2000 Honda Odyssey

  • A large cabin, excellent crash test scores, a reputation for reliability and a high resale value make this our favorite minivan on the market.

  • Safety
  • Pros

    Good power, excellent crash test scores, tons of interior space.

  • Cons

    Transmission hesitates to shift, leather seating not available.

  • What's New for 2000

    The only new feature is an optional navigation system on the EX.

What Others Are Saying

Customer Reviews

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2000 odyssey

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Vehicle: 2000 Honda Odyssey LX 4dr Minivan

No longer a Honda fan. My 2000 odyssey is on it's 5th transmission. The first failed at about 55000. Honda put 3 rebuilt transmissions in, one only lasted about 15,000 miles. The fifth i put in at an independent dealer who rebuilt it. We bought new and had all work done at the dealership, took good care of it. Honda Corporate refused to pay for the last transmission. I feel that since they know there are problems with the transmissions they should take responsiblity for them. They advertise that 80% of their Honda's are on the road 20 years later, they should keep them running by replacing defective transmissions for 20 years. I expected to keep this for 20 years.

A family hauler

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Vehicle: 2000 Honda Odyssey LX 4dr Minivan

Purchased Odyssey new in April 2000. Had a '92 Chrysler minivan previously which was the most unreliable vehicle ever. Have 4 kids and needed something large. Now has 113,000 miles, extremely reliable (routine maintenance only) except for transmission. Replaced transmission last year at 105,000 miles. Honda split the cost based on extended warranty for transmission. Sliding doors stick in wet weather. 16-18 MPG city, 22-25 MPG highway at 70-75 MPH. Reasonable for a heavy vehicle. Still solid with no squeaks or rattles. Don't use to too often anymore but it runs great. Own three other Hondas and Odyssey has been just as reliable.

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So far so good but

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Vehicle: 2000 Honda Odyssey LX 4dr Minivan

Bought the van from first owners a few years ago after our first kid and before the 2nd. Didn't realize the van had problems. Check engine light went on after 2 days. Called the seller and they pretended they don't know about it. There was a recall on the problem but they never took it in. Long story short it is the cat converter thing. It has been 15,000 miles since we have been driving on that check engine light so far it is just a light. The transmission slips when I back it in on our uphill driveway but no major transmission problems yet. Awesome space I use it to haul stuff around all the time after the 3rd seat fall flat include 8 ft dry walls !! : )

Great experience

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Vehicle: 2000 Honda Odyssey LX 4dr Minivan

Decided to buy the LX as everyone else was buying the EX model, leaving LX's on the lot. Didn't want the electric doors as I saw that as something that could go wrong. The van has never let us down, gets great mileage, and is comfortable enough. Honda replaced the EGR valve and transmission based on technicians recommendation during normal maintenance. Since the transmissions replacement mileage went up from 24 mpg to 27 mpg on the highway. Otherwise just routine maintenance. We've kept it simply because of what it can haul, sheets of plywood and more important my kids junk to and from college. Since buying this we've bought 3 more Honda's, but have kept the van for its utility.

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Vehicle: 2000 Honda Odyssey LX 4dr Minivan

I should have bought a Grand Caravan. I song and dance about reliability. Not true just a bunch of fiction from consumer reports and others. The most problematic vehicle I have owned except maybe my 68 GTO. Check engine light never stayed off, catalytic converter replaced 3x, EGR port, two transmissions after warranty was up. Sliding door repairs constantly, electrical problems and irritating road/wind noise. I am not sure what the deal is with the front brakes wearing out so often. Most of these problems were recall issues and the dealer failed to tell me. Called Honda and they refused to honor any help with repair bills. My wife and kids are stranded 5 hours away now. Tranny went out again.

Don't buy honda

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Vehicle: 2000 Honda Odyssey LX 4dr Minivan

I am so sorry I didn't find this forum before buying my 2000 Honda Odyssey with 45000 miles. Transmission is "toast" at 100000 miles, and from the horror stories I've read here and heard elsewhere, it is not worth fixing. I am going to donate this (if they'll take it) and buy only Toyota from now on. I was expecting to get 150K miles easily, as I did with my Toyota's, but this clunker fell about 2.5 years shy of that. I will never buy another Honda based on all the bad transmissions in this plus Accord and others. Goodbye Honda, Hello Toyota.

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What's New for 2000

The only new feature is an optional navigation system on the EX.

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  • 23
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