2009 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

2009 Honda Fit Sport: Nerd -- Press Start!

April 06, 2009

Fast and Furious arcade.jpg

My previous brief drives in the 2009 Honda Fit were -- Surprise! -- uninspiring.

But I thought the more I drove it, the more I'd like it.
It's not working out like that.

One thing I'm not loving is the shifter. At first I was going to write how it behaves like a shift-by-wire transmission (where there is no direct mechanical connection between the shifter and the transmission.) And the Fit shift lever doesn't feel like it's connected to the transmission.

But what it more closely approximates is the shifter on a video game -- arcade-style, not xbox.

Our Copy Editor loves the shifter on the popular the Fast and the Furious arcade game -- and it's somewhat close in feeling to the shifter of the Fit.

Now we just have to rig up our long-term Fit with a N2O switch.

Albert Austria, Sr Vehicle Eval Engineer @ 4785 miles

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