2009 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

2009 Honda Fit Sport: Lucerne Valley Rocks

April 18, 2009

555 j valley rocks f34.jpg

This weekend my nephew entered his first-ever desert race. So my daughters and I piled into the 2009 Honda Fit to head out to their campsite in Lucerne Valley to wish him well and roast a few marshmallows with my brother and the rest of his family.

They'd parked the Airstream and unloaded the dirt bikes well off of the pavement in an unmarked primitive "campsite." To get there, the Fit had to negotiate 6 miles of washboard dirt road and packed sand tracks. Granite Road and Transmission Line Road see more use than you'd think, so it wasn't much of a problem.

555 j valley roost f34.jpg

It was pitch black when we headed home, as only the desert on a moonless night can be. But the Fit's headlights proved more than up for it. (As big as they are, I would have been shocked it they weren't.)

I didn't expect these dirt tracks to be in the navigation system's database, but they were. The system had no trouble establishing a route right from the campsite, and it guided us back out through the maze of criss-crossing dirt tracks easily.

Nice job, Fit.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 5,375 miles

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