2007 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

2007 Honda Fit Sport: Concert on Wheels

April 30, 2007

Since I skipped out on going to Coachella, the annual two-day concert in the desert, this weekend, I contented myself by making a Coachella playlist consisting of songs from the concert performers -- i.e. Rage Against the Machine, Amy Winehouse, Bjork. Fortunately I had the fun city car, our long-termer Honda Fit Sport for this weekend. So I plugged in my iPod via the car's aux input and enjoyed my own Coachella concert as I zipped around L.A...

Lily Allen's "Smile" served as a fitting soundtrack to my gleeful drive in the Fit.

The Fit Sport comes standard with 200 watts and six speakers (base model is 160 watts, four speakers) making for a rich sound. Really impressive for an economy subcompact. I have an aftermarket stereo in my Corolla which has a "Concert" feature and it doesn't sound nearly as good as the Fit's stereo. Aw.

If an iPod is your primary source for music there's a Honda MusicLink for iPod accessory available for all those who'd rather use the car's audio system to search and play songs. But if you don't want to pay extra for this convenience, the storage area behind the cupholders under the stereo console is adequate for keeping your iPod within easy reach.

Production Editor Caroline Pardilla at 10,057 miles

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