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By Dave


2015 Honda Civic Si w/Summer Tires Si w/Summer Tires 2dr Coupe (2.4L 4cyl 6M)


I have read many "professional" reviews of the 2015 Si and I am just at a loss. I think that before someone either publishes a review or posts a YouTube video, they ought to spend more than 15 minutes driving the car. I have owned my Si coupe for just over a year, and I can tell you honestly that I am more than happy with my purchase.

To those who whine about the lack of power, I say that you need to learn how and when to shift gears. My car has spun its wheels both off the line and going into second gear. I have beaten cars with larger engines in fair races, both in straight lines and on road courses.

While the handling may not be as tight as that of previous Si's, I have yet to lose control of mine, even when powering through turns at speeds that many other cars could not handle. Yes, some tightness has been lost to ride comfort, and there is no actual feedback in the steering wheel. But to an old school guy like me who grew up on torsion bar MOPARs of the 70s, this is of no consequence. It seems that gone are the days of drivers learning how to handle their machines. Today's drivers are spoiled brats who expect their cars to do everything for them.

Fuel economy can be achieved through proper driving techniques, proper maintenance and burning good quality gasoline. Even before replacing my air filter with a K&N high flow filter, my Si was getting 35mpg on the highway with the cruise control set above 70mph. This of course was done with the windows closed and the air conditioning not set to max. Aerodynamic drag wastes more fuel than does minimal use of the a/c.

For comfort, I give the 15 Civic Si an A+++. I am 6'2", 240lbs and have driven my Si between NY and FL non-stop, with the exception of refueling. Upon my arrival, I had NO body aches, NO muscle cramps and NO abnormal fatigue. I will, however, state for the record that the back seat in my coupe is there for decorative purposes only. If you intend to carry passengers, I recommend going for the sedan.

Overall, I am glad I bought it and if I could go back in time and ponder my options, I would buy an Si again.

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