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By Brittany Robinson


2011 Honda Civic EX 2dr Coupe (1.8L 4cyl 5M)


Being a Honda lover, due to my first vehicle being Honda, of course my second choice in a vehicle would still be a Honda Civic. I owned a 99 Honda Prelude prior and was spoiled by all the features that the vehicle was equipped with such as the power windows, moon roof, and how well the vehicle handled as well as how much fun it was to drive, so when I searched for a new car I had those ideas in mind which landed me purchasing a 2011 Honda Civic EX Coupe. The Civic coupe is a durable and safe vehicle given its size and handles well. I often times forget how easily the car accelerates, given how smooth the ride is, that often times the speedometer gets away from me. Every vehicle on the market does have pros and cons however. When purchasing the civic upon the initial test drive some pros that stood out were the size of the vehicle, the awesome gas mileage, and how well the car would hold its value over time. The negatives I found were the trunk space, the road noise, and upon later realization the seat design.
The size of the vehicle was instantly appealing to me because being an average height female I wanted something that was compact and easy to maneuver as well as park. In tight spaces the civic does wonderfully and can zoom in and out of traffic with no problems. In small, tight parking lots the civic also excels due to the vehicle being able to fit comfortably and easily into most parking spaces with no problems. When it comes to the gas mileage I wasn’t surprised because the vehicle gets 26 miles per gallon in the city areas and 34 miles per gallon on the highway. This made me extremely happy when purchasing the vehicle because I tend to do a lot of traveling around the holidays, as well as during the summer months, and not having to worry about stopping for gas as often on a trip is a huge plus in my opinion. Being that I own the automatic version of the vehicle it handles well in stop and go traffic as well as keeps up on the highway with traffic flow.
As I was searching for a vehicle and pricing out my options I wanted something that was going to hold it’s value over time in case after a few years I wanted to get rid of the vehicle and trade it in for something else. When I stumbled upon the civic, after already having prior knowledge of the resale values on Honda in general given that my family has owned numerous, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the car depreciated. Currently my Civic is worth 10, 900 when it is rated as being in good or average condition according to Kelley Blue Book (Kelley). The depreciation value was an important aspect for me when purchasing a vehicle because I did not want to buy something that I wouldn’t be able to get a good price on later.
After seeing all the pros that I wanted into the vehicle I started noticing some cons as well because as we all know perfection in vehicles simply put does not exist. The first thing that stuck out to me was the trunk space. I normally do not need a lot of space when going to and from but when it comes to thinking about taking trips and needing that space it could become an issue. Once I had purchased the car and started using it for everyday things I realized that the space wasn’t ideal but it was nowhere near as small as it could be given the vehicle’s size. It is perfect for running errands but for vacations, or moving, the trunk space is terrible.
Not only is the trunk space not ideal but the vehicle I also noticed does have a bit of road noise when driving which wasn’t too noticeable upon the test drive but after owning the vehicle it is something that can be bothersome when the vehicle is silent on the inside. Once you fiddle with the radio or MP3 connections and turn the sound up, or have the A/C running the road noise tends to fade into the background. Honda definitely did not think about this attribute when producing the vehicle and in future models could use some insulation so as to where the noise lessens enough to where it is not as noticeable.
Last but not lease the seat design in the vehicle is the worst feature to me because from looks it would seem like a pretty comfortable seat for commuting in as far as seats go, but after taking my vehicle on numerous long distance, over three hours away, trips my lower back gets into quite a bit of pain and causes me having to pull over. Honda needs to work on the seat design by either adding more cushion to the seats or bringing in the lumbar support that some of the Accords have. The design is great for normal commuting back and forth to work or running errands but terrible for long distance driving.
Through my pre-purchase research I found that no one vehicle is going to be perfect but that there are numerous that have more pros than cons to them. For me that car was the 2011 Honda Civic EX coupe. The trunk space may be horrible, the seats are the worst, and the road noise may not give it a five star

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