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1997 Honda Civic del Sol Coupe

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Honda Civic del Sol Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 1.6 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 127 hp @ 6600 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 26/33 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1997 Honda Civic del Sol

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  • Safety
  • Pros

    Fun-in-the-sun, with the practicality of a hardtop.

  • Cons

    The removable roof panel is prone to squeaking.

  • What's New for 1997

    No changes to Honda's two-seater.

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Customer Reviews

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Very fun car for the

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic del Sol Si 2dr Coupe

I bought mine for $3000. It is an automatic Si but man is it quick. Sure It's not a 12 second car but it is really fun to drive and that's the point. The mileage is great. Only problems I have are that the suspension is rough and the interior is kind of bland. I was impressed to find two cup-holders in a car this size. The trunk was also very sizable, I fit more in it than my Civic EX The '97 also doesn't leak like previous models. It has 170K on it and runs perfectly fine except for my one tie-rod that is wearing out ($15 part) All-in-all if you want an economic car that is actually fun to drive, This is the car to get.

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So far so good

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic del Sol Si 2dr Coupe

I just bought this 1997 Honda del Sol a few days ago. So far, I am enjoying driving it. The seats are a little narrow, and are not adjustable in that regard (no lumbar adjustments). I am somewhat disappointed at the cup holders. Also, the dome light doesn't really light up much of anything, making th einterior very dark, even with the dome light on. There are no lights around the floor area either. Locking the doors is kind of a hassle. You have to hold the inside release latch open and then lock the drivers door, otherwise you have to use the key from the outside to lock it. Gas mileage is 30+, even while I'm driving it like a race car!

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic del Sol Si 2dr Coupe

A '93 Del Sol is my daily driver. I beat the HELL out of this car. I drive it like I stole it, take turns like a maniac, and perform the bare minimum for maintenance. In the last 80K miles the only thing to break was the distributor cap. At 190K miles the car is still on its original clutch. This is unheard-of. The car keeps going and going, and absolutely will not die, sort of like that dude in that movie. Girls think it's "cute," which is okay I guess. It also goes for about a year on one tank of gas. Okay maybe not a year, but you get the point. It's ridiculously reliable and pretty fun to drive. Buy one.

302000 miles

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic del Sol Si 2dr Coupe

Really, can I say more than that? 302K miles I've driven my del sol! And its still running strong...I recently purchased an '07 civic and am keeping my del sol for a summer car. Really I'm spoiled with great gas mileage and a targa top, but to follow up my review from 2+ years ago, this is by far the coolest most practical, impractical car I've ever owned!

97 del sol

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic del Sol Si 2dr Coupe

Bought this 97 del Sol Si in March 2007 in Oregon and drove it east 3,333 miles to Maine. Great weather and great drive. Car had 68K miles on it when I pulled out of the dealership. Everything worked and was well taken care of. Paint a little dull, but has improved reasonably, polished with wax. MPG is impressive, getting 36 MPG cross country at high speed. Normally gets 40 to 42 in my rural drives. Interior is great and ergonomics very good. Love the motor. Will be upgrading bushings, added 16 inch alloys with 205/45 summer tires. Settled the ride nicely after 14 inch OEMs were taken off. A fun, economical 2 seat convertible. This thing is a blast to drive.

Great all season car!

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic del Sol Si 2dr Coupe

I bought this car in 1997 to replace my wrecked 1992 Geo Storm GSI and this car has performed great giving me 10 years of almost zero maintenance. All I have done to this car is replace the tires and low cost general maintenance. I have not needed to replace any expensive items on this car like timing chains or major engine repairs. The car originally came with Yokohama tires that were designed for summer use, not winter. All I had to do was go through one winter with those tires and knew I needed a better tire that was more for Nebraska winters. I switched to Bridgstone Potenza R92's and this car is a Japanese tank that does not get stuck in the snow, even uo to 15 inches! Believe it!

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What's New for 1997

No changes to Honda's two-seater.

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  • 33
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