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1993 Honda Accord Sedan

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Honda Accord Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.2 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 125 hp @ 5200 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 21/29 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1993 Honda Accord

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  • What's New for 1993

    The SE model is reintroduced as the top-of-the-line Accord. A passenger airbag is added.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent car (ex sedan automatic)

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord

I don't think I can say much negative about this car - I'd say it has everything a driver needs plus more. I've been driving it for a little bit more than 3 years now - it is my first car. It's reliable, sporty, comfortable, and I think it looks awesome (no mods)! I happened to come across one that looked like new, and it rocks! Only minor problems so far I'd say - like hoses leaking, otherwise, great car. I think I just hit the 180000 mile mark - I think it has yet to hit it's break-in point...may drive this car for years to come!

240k miles and going to

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Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord

I drive my wife's 1992 Honda Accord and it's been a great car. The things that strike others when the ride in it is how comfortable the ride is for compared to other mid size to small sedans. The current issues I have include: Rotors, Wheel Bearings, Tie Rods..Oil Leaks Rust..Interior rips in seats..Windshield Washer Fluid Dispenser..Pretty costly repairs that aren't worth it anymore..Donation Time! I also hate the timing belt...When considering these cars know that every 90K miles you have to get front of the engine removed to replace the timing belt. I think we've replaced it twice and it's coming up on a third time...$$$ Original Engine, Transmission and A/C Compressor.....Amazing!

Better than my 99 ex-l??

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord

This has got to be the best honda I've owned!! I owned a 99 EX-L in the early 2000s. It was a 5 speed too, but it had more room and leather/wood trim. This one is 7 years older, yet has everything that car has except the leather/wood! I only paid $1500 for this car in September of 2010. I paid $15,000 for my 99 in 2001. Even though it isn't a vtec either, there was only an 8hp difference from the 99. I'm still stumped on which one is better!! lol. My 92 has 258k on it, and the 99 had 191k on it when i sold it in 06... I've owned 5 accords in my life (3 91s, 92, 99) but the 92 and 99 ex's stand out! When I finish school, I plan on an 06-07 V6 sedan 6spd!

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Great car

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Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord

I bought my accord with 219k miles on it a few months ago and it now has 236k miles on it. had to bleed the clutch, but it runs great. Leaks a little oil, but it's 18 years old and the leak is minimal at best. I love driving this car and even though I have a 1999 dodge minivan, I'd rather drive my accord and I trust the honda much more than the newer van. Great purchase! still retains more value than models 10 years newer! Love my car!!!k miles on it just a few months ago. Had to bleed the clutch, but since then, regular ROUTINE maintenence and it runs awesome. I've

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I'll drive it till the

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord

My step dad purchased this car brand new for 16k. He maintained it well with oil changes every 3k miles and not driving it hard. I wasn't exactly thrilled that this was going to be my first car and didn't expect it to last long as it already had 280k miles when I started driving it. That was 3 years ago. It now has 335k miles on it and I absolutely love this car. I will cry when it no longer runs. It is a manual and I've gotten a little over 500 miles out of one tank before. I think I average about 30-40mpg. I'm now doing research and test driving other cars for that sad day when I actually have to buy one. These are very well made and those who have problems obviously didn't take care of it

A long line of owners

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Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord

I bought this car from my brother; My brother bought it from my Mom. My mom bought it from a close friend. Because I'm 20, I don't know who originally bought it, but I have fond memories of riding to my first day of my new school (between elementary and middle), Camp Fire meetings and long car trips. I hope to have many more by driving. The car now has 200,000+ miles and is running as strong as can be expected for an 18 year old car.

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What's New for 1993

The SE model is reintroduced as the top-of-the-line Accord. A passenger airbag is added.

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  • 29
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