2008 Ford Focus Long Term Road Test

2008 Ford Focus SES Coupe: Mystery Vents

December 15, 2008

When it's raining, and you're stuck behind a driver who insists on crawling at 5 mph as if this were the Storm of the Century instead of just a light drizzle, you find yourself pondering life's mysteries in a desperate effort to pass the time. Why do water bottles have a "best if used by" date? Why is "Dancing with the Stars" such a big hit? And why do some cars -- like our Ford Focus -- have those utterly non-functional vents, located by the A-pillars?

focus4.jpg focus2.jpg

They don't blow air like the HVAC vents. Why are they there? What does it all mean? Has it stopped raining yet?

Warren Clarke, Automotive Content Editor @ 14,942 miles

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