2013 Ford Focus ST Long Term Road Test

2013 Ford Focus ST: Extremely Conservative Fuel Light

March 8, 2013

2013 Ford Focus ST

Mark filled up our 2013 Ford Focus ST when the light came on during his break-in trip and only got 10.2 gallons to go in. With a fuel tank that holds 12.5 gallons, that's a pretty conservative gauge. As I drove the Focus ST today, the light came on again.

I'm cautious and hate running out of gas, so I pulled over at the first gas station I could find. I went to fill up and noticed that the trip odometer only read 151 miles. Based on the mileage we've been getting in the Focus, something seemed fishy.

I filled up the tank and to my amazement, this is what I see:

2013 Ford Focus ST

Only 7.709 gallons! To have 4.8 gallons of fuel left (38.4 percent) and the car is telling me that the fuel is low. This is downright silly and, to put it in perspective, if we base the remaining mileage on our Average Lifetime MPG I'd still have over 100 miles to go.

Next time, I'll be sure to push it much further.

Travis Langness, Associate Editor @ 7,780 miles

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The Edmunds TCO® estimated monthly insurance payment for a 2013 Ford Focus ST in VA is:

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