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2000 Ford Escort Sedan

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Ford Escort Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.0 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 114 hp @ 5000 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 24/32 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 2000 Ford Escort

  • The Escort is officially eclipsed by the Focus. Don't let the small price advantage sway you.

  • Safety
  • Pros

    Economical to own, good reliability and safety, new optional S/R performance package for ZX2 Coupe.

  • Cons

    Lack of refinement, so-so interior ergonomics, 2000 Ford Focus is a better car.

  • What's New for 2000

    The 2000 Escort line has been simplified. The station wagon is discontinued, and there is now only one trim level for the sedan and coupe models.

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Customer Reviews

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1999 ford escort sedan se

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Ford Escort

My car is actually an automatic transmission. I bought it for 1,500 used and it had around 164,000 miles on it with new brakes. It's my first car that I bought and is mine. It's small and has good mobility. It's really good on gas. My dads Chevy Tahoe has a 20 gallon tank and needs to be filled once a week while my car has a 10 gallon tank and needs to be filled once a week but this is an estimate from experience. It depends on how much you drive. It's fun drifting around in the winter time using the E-Brake. It also has a spoiler which I like. I read on the wheels that it can hold a max weight of 1,100 something pounds.

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Starting to show signs of

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Ford Escort

I keep getting check engine soon light. The transmission is burning fluid and I have to flush the transmission fluid out every 4-6 weeks and then the light comes on again. I received a quote from a transmission place in Hayward, CA for a rebuilt transmission for $1600. Another place quoted me $1700 for a used transmission. The car still runs okay, but I keep putting in about $100 every month for flushing the transmission fluid. I've had a fairly good run with this car, and it's time to get a newer vehicle and I plan to keep the Escort as a backup. Still, car needs some work, though. Car has Automatic Transmission and not 5-Speed Manual as indicated when I selected the model.

Still runs good

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Ford Escort

I brought a 1999 ford escort with 125000 something miles on it. (don't remember the exact mileage) but I've had it for 2 years now I haven't had any major problems just replaced the starter. Monthly service like oil changes and tune up stuff like that other than that still a good running car. It has about 144000 miles on it and its been a good little family car. Still gets me where I need to go. I say it would be a great car for a high school student or college student. Planning to purchase another vehicle soon and i will keep this one.

Great first car

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Ford Escort

This was my first car, bought it at 40K miles for about $3K. Best purchase I've ever made to date. My father regularly changed the oil and we took it for regular check-ups. Had to replace the alternator once, and had to replace the breaks & heater at about 100K miles (this was probably more due to the fact that when I was younger, I was a bit excessive with my acceleration and subsequent breaking). Aside from those two things (and the occasional windshield blade needing to be replaced), this car has been incredible. I ran it pretty hard (to and from Virginia for four years) and I think it has lived a VERY full life. I'll miss my ford.

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Forget this ambassador of ford

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Ford Escort

When it was new it was problem free but after a few years and miles even with good maintenance and light driving the problems start showing up. I now expect major work on an annual basis. No doubt the CCRM failed on the A/c which is common to this model, rear springs snapped which is also common, engine pipe fell off, speedometer meter in the axle broke, and even the shift console light doesn't work, and now some kind of power sapping engine problem. Driving this car is zero fun and all hassle.

Great all around car

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Ford Escort

This is a great car.I bought it in 2004 with 17k and currently has 106k.I'm not a FORD lover,I only bought it cause it was in my price range and got good reviews.Ive fixed only brakes, rotors, belt, tie rod and flex pipe piece ($1050).Just moved cross country with almost 900lbs of stuff.No problems handling it at 85 mph. Does display the common rough idle which most escorts do just due to the type of engine.So far it beat the life of my parents chevy malibu and dodge intrepid, which blew head gaskets and transmissions before 100k.I'm not a car guy,dont prefer one brand over another,but this car doesn't die, starts every time. Not much to look at. Gets you from A to B with no problems at all.

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What's New for 2000

The 2000 Escort line has been simplified. The station wagon is discontinued, and there is now only one trim level for the sedan and coupe models.

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Gas Mileage


  • 24
  • cty
  • 32
  • highway
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