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2012 Fiat 500: Don't Buy the Sunroof

August 02, 2011

Craned Neck 500.jpg

When I climb into Fiat 500, I look like this. Yes I'm tall, but it's quite rare that I find myself into a car's roof like this. Now, this is a result of two things. The first is the tall seating position, which creates more than enough legroom. The second is the 500's sunroof (optional on our Sport model), that robs a few valuable inches of headroom. I fit without any problem in 500s without the sunroof.

Yet, since we annoyingly ordered our 500 with the sunroof, I've been forced to cope in these following ways...

Gangsta Lean 500.jpg

Option 1: The Gangsta Lean

Sure, I look balla (ha!), but as I'm not rollin in an Impala, I'll just wish I wasn't as talla. OK, I'm done. Even with my right hand more appropriately on the tilt-only wheel, I'm too far away for comfort (and for being in proper control of the car).

Slouchy 500.jpg

Option 2: The Slouch

This works, but if I were to drive the 500 like this long enough, I'd probably have to resign my position here and retreat to a life living in a bell tower. Your mother told you never to slouch and she was right.

Now, what if you're not tall? Well, even average-heighted folks have commented that they feel uncomfortably close to the roof. And even if they don't, there's a second problem. The sunshade does little to actually shade you from the sun as the below picture shows.

500 Sunroof.jpg

Seriously, don't buy the sunroof. The 500 Lounge trim comes standard with it, but it's optional on the Pop and Sport. Skip it.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor @ 6,753 miles

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