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1994 Dodge Viper Convertible Pictures

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1996 Dodge Viper 2 Dr RT/10 Convertible 1994 Dodge Viper 2 Dr RT/10 Coupe 1996 Dodge Viper 2 Dr RT/10 Convertible 1996 Dodge Viper 2 Dr RT/10 Convertible Even by 1994 standards this is one cheesy sound system. But books on tape are great to listen to at 190 mph. Bought new in Pennsylvania, Randy DuBois' Viper RT/10 only showed 4,750 miles on its odometer after <em>Inside Line</em>'s test. Three-spoke wheels?! It's Hammer Time! It's lonely when you're the biggest snake in the grass. A full 8.0 liters and 10 cylinders. Basically the RT/10 engine was Chrysler's old 5.9-liter OHV V8 with two more cylinders added. Worked well, though. Alongside the burly shifter is a real ashtray. It's useful should you decide to be cremated and your survivors want to use the Viper RT/10 as an urn. The original Viper RT/10 was the last Chrysler product built without an airbag. It was assumed that if you were man enough for this car, your arms could stop your forward motion in a collision by themselves. One of the most useless trunks ever devised. The RT/10 wasn't built to haul anything except ass. Going strictly on badges, the RT/10's snake with its neck and sly look is better than the latest one. Antilock brakes? Those are for losers. The Viper RT/10 is for drivers who know how to use the brakes. This one taillight has been a part of every Viper ever built. Same part number in 1992 as 2009. In 1992 red letters were considered cool. 1996 Dodge Viper 2 Dr RT/10 Convertible The RT/10's gauges look ripped straight from AutoMeter. The vents could be out of a Grand Caravan. Back in the '90s they built TV shows around lettering like this. Twin throttle bodies with real throttle cables. Some things haven't improved since the RT/10. With its wide tires and stance, the Viper RT/10 is a grip machine right up to the moment it isn't. Then it's vicious. The Viper RT/10 may have been built on an assembly line, but it was built by human beings, not robots, and that shows in many of the cruder elements of construction. Ventilation controls in the RT/10 couldn't be simpler or more generic. Then again, this is a car without real side windows or a truly usable top. The RT/10 door handle came straight out of the K-Car parts bin.
1994 Dodge Viper
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