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Green Chrysler Dodge Chevrolet -- Don't Rely on anything they tell you.

Written by gasimm on 11/12/07 12:00:00 AM PST
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I have had a terrible experience with this dealer and it is not yet over. I called for an appointment on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 and was told to bring my Dodge Ram Hemi in on the following Monday morning, Novemer 5. I went to the dealer on Friday, November 2 and left a set of keys for the truck with the service manager and left the truck at the dealer on Sunday afternoon. I was told that the service (replacement of head gaskets) would be completed and the truck would be ready on Thursday, November 8. I called onTuesday, Novemer 6 to see what they had found and they had not even looled at it, but said they would pull the heads and get to the machine shop. I called back on Friday the 9th and they had done nothing. They said that it would be ready on Tuesday, November 13. I passed the shop daily and the vehicle had not been moved since the first day they had it, so Monday November 12, I went to the shop and was told that heads had been ordered and when I asked to see proof of that, the service manager told me that no, heads had not been ordered but that the mechanic was going to pull the heads that afternoon and send them to the maching shop. He stated that the mechanic was going to be out of town for the next two days at a school and that when he returned on Thursday, November 15, he would complete the job....this is now 12 days after they had the vehicle in their hands. and 8 days after they said the vehicle would be ready for pick-up. I am not at all confident that it will be ready even on this date because of the numerous times I have been told something, and later found out nothing told to me was true. I would beware of taking anything to this dealer.....Since I bought the vehilce here, I expected to be treated far better that I have been. I cannot imagine how you might be treated here if you brought in a vehicle that had been purchased elsewhere.

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Tuesday, Nov 27. Got the truck back yesterday evening, after it went to the transmission shop. Concensus at the transmission shop was that it was OK and the only noise they heard was from the alternator. This morning, left for work and made a four minute stop for coffee and when I cranked the truck, the slight lifter noise was not only back but very loud. Started toward the shop and after about two miles, the noise changed to a slight tap. I called the shop and it goes back in on Thursday. At least the last six days I was without the truck, I was given a loaner which was very nice of the dealer. I am supposed to get a loaner when I take it back in late Wednesday. So far the vehicle has been down and/or in the shop 18 days during this incident. I must say that the staff has been very nice to me during the last couple of visits to the service department. I hope they can cure the ills that have appeared since the heads were replaced.

  • By gasimm
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 06:16:35 AM PST

After 11 days in the service department, the replacement of the heads on this vehicle was completed and the vehicle returned on the third promised day. When I called to confirm that the vehicle was ready to be picked up, I was advised it was ready to go and also reminded that the warranty repair had a $100 deductible which I knew about beforehand. I asked if, after all the problems and delays that I had encountered, would the dealershiop waive the deductible . After a brief hold on the phone, I was advised that the dealership would be happy to split the cost of the deductible with me. That was a nice jesture and did help to alleviate some of the expense I incurred from extra trips to the dealer and time dealing with the matter. When I arrived to get the vehilce, everyone at the dealership was very friendly and appologetic. This experience ended far better than it started and I feel that everyone there learned something from it. Thanks to the GM and Service Manager for their efforts to get this behind us.

  • By gasimm
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 06:16:53 AM PST

OOOPS, I got a little hasty thinking the matter was resolved. The day after the return of my vehicle, I used it to go to work....Before service, the vehicle averaged 20.4 mpg, and it now averages 14.5 mpg, loud noise from near front of enging and check engine light illuminated. A call to the shop on Monday gets an appointment for Wednesday. Vehicle and keys are dropped off on Tueday evening. I get a call at work from a friend that tells me the truck is sitting outside the shop at 11:00 am so I think it may be ready and call the shop to inquire. I don't mention I kinow the truck is in the parking lot and ask the service writer about the status of the vehicle. He tells me that it is not ready and they are still looking at it. He says they still need to look at the noise in the rear end. I tell the service writer (the same one that I gave the keys and new complaints to) that the noise is NOT in the rear end but the front of the engine. I ask him, "So the truck is in the shop and they are working on it now?" He replied, "yes, sir." At 2:30 pm, I arrive at the shop and call from the loaner I am in and the service writer tells me the truck is not ready, but puts me on hold to check. A few minutes later, he returns to the phone and tells me it IS ready and I can pick it up. I proceeded directly to the General Manager and ask him what is going on, relating to him the earlier telephone call saying the truck is being worked on when it is actually in the parking lot. The GM told me, "You are not a very trusting person." I replied that I certainly was NOT and why should I be when I have been lied to. He then back peddled and said that the mechanic heard an usual noise from the transmission and has scheduled a appointment with the transmission shop. Just a few minutes later, the service writer enters the office and the GM asked him when the transmission appointment is set for and the service writer asks, "what appointment." The GM told him to make the appointment right now. After checking the vehicle as it stands right now, the loud noise is gone and for the moment, the check engine light is reset. I was told that a vacumn hose was kinked when the heads were installed. Only after the transmission is checked will I be able to confirm that the mileage issue is corrected as well as the error that triggered the check engine light is corrected. More after we deal with the transmission.

  • By gasimm
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 06:17:48 AM PST

I too had the similar experience when I brought my Concorde in for a fuel rail recall. The service manager is clueless when it comes to customer satisfaction. It took them 31/2 days to complete a 3 hr job, not to include it took 3 weeks to complete since they had to order parts for it wich took some time as well. But, none the less, the service manager was very good at giving me the run around. When I was told to pick my vehicle up my car was in worse condition than before! the vehcle would not idle correctly, there were hoses and vacuum lines diconncted and all along tried to tell me the fuel pump was out. I became outraged!! I had to request that my vehicle be town at owners expense, he agreed to that but advised me that he would not pay for the repairs needed to complete my vehicle. I stated that a "sales rep." informed me that I could take my vehicle the way it was or they would move it themselves and park it in back of the building! my vehicle was not operable. To this day they will not even verify if the technician who worked on my vehicle is a Chrysler Certified Mechanic which is a requirement on a recall.! It took 2 days for the other dealership to repair my hoses, vacuum lines and intake gasket and $200. I gaurantee they will pay for the completion of my recall. Without diagnostics just his own eyes, ears, & experience. I then filed a complaint through Chrysler and hopefully something will be done to correct whatever issues Chrysler may have.

  • By doggieskirt
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 06:17:52 AM PST

After four visits and three telephone calls to the dealer, one with the General Manager, my vehicle was moved into the service area sometime after 4 pm. on work day 6. A the mechanic stayed late to remove the heads and then left for a two-day hands-on school. On day 7, I had a meeting with the General Manager and the Service Department Manager. The manager belatedly provided me with a loaner vehicle and told me that Thursday morning (day 9) when the mechanic returned from school, he would install new heads on my engine. The GM said that staff should not have promised my vehicle would be ready in five days because they were very overloaded in the service department. He could not explain why there were differing statements regarding delivery days of parts or why work promised was not performed or why repairs to the vehicle did not begin for two work days after one employee told me all the parts were in. As it stands, the vehicle is now promised on Thursday afternoon, 9 working days after the appointment date. It is better, but still not what I would expect for warranty work at the dealer where the vehicle was purchased.

  • By gasimm
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 06:19:14 AM PST