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Unhappy Customer

Written by jorzal on 01/09/14 09:53:00 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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**ATTENTION SHAUN D., UPSET CUSTOMER SEEKS YOUR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE** **DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP, READ THIS REVIEW** I have never had such a horrific, degrading, disrespectful sales experience.. EVER. The associates at Capital Kia in San Jose have failed at representing the Del Grande group in an appropriate manner, and I urge consumers and the corporation to pay close attention to the details below (in order of each individual dealt with). I was looking to purchase a VW GTI as a gift for my husband. I thoroughly researched all used GTIs available from Santa Cruz to Sacramento and felt that the one Capital Kia had to offer was one that I was interested in test driving. I called, scheduled and appointment, and made my way from Union City to the dealership. Manny (newly employed sales associate): Upon arrival he greeted my husband and we made small talk as we did a thorough walk around of the vehicle. The vehicle had zero body damage but we did point out to Manny glue residue on the interior that looked like it had been left over by a sticker. My husband then test drives with Manny. Zander ("veteran" sales associate): Manny hands us over to Zander because he has another customer. Zander's insufficient customer service is so extraneous that it must be compiled into a bullet pointed list of its own.. Zander lacked knowledge of our turbo charged GTI (he filled it with 87 octane when it states "91 octane only) on the fuel lid, tried to sell us a maintenance package that did not include the price difference of synthetic oil, and gave us warranty prices for a package that did not include the upcharge for the turbo charger) While driving me to the gas station to fuel up for my test drive, he failed to use a hands free device while talking AND texting on his mobile phone. Once you sign a contract, your deal is not secure with Zander. While waiting to be seen by finance, another family came to inquire about the GTI and wanted to pay cash. Zander felt it necessary to inform us of this family multiple times; once Saturday, during three seperate phone conversations on Sunday, and lastly on Monday. Zander is unable to problem solve, and instead expects his customers to think for him. He agreed that I could bring my trade in vehicle on Monday, only to later say that it was against company policy and that he was going to let another family test drive it. He knew that my trade in vehicle needed gas, but he took off, then text me that he was stuck on the freeway (and made it seem like I should assist him). John (General Manager) : 1130AM I call John, tell him my experience, and let him know I want to be reassigned to a sales person with better customer service.This is a gift for my husband, I'm dealing with it all while I'm at work. John apologizes and says he'll get back to me. 330PM I call back because I have not heard anything, to which John says "I was under the impression your were coming to pick up your GTI." How would I get there?? Your salesman left me without a vehicle! John then says he'll have someone call me back. Frank (Sales Manager): 345PM He calls, introduces himself and starts banging out details of my loan but is not prepared with my trade in value. Why would I agree on a monthly payment unless I was knowledgeable of each detail of my loan? I tell him to call me back when he's better prepared. 4PM He calls me "I want to work this deal out for you, because of all you have been through, but how can you work for me?" I'm supposed to convince YOU to sell me my car? I tell Frank no, and for HIM to give me his bottom line. We work out our deal and I tell him I'll figure out how to get to the dealership, I will not count on his employees to pick me up. He ends the conversation with "By the way, how old are you, because you sound young?" HOW IS THAT RELEVANT? 7PM I arrive to the dealership with a female friend, Frank greets us and leads us into finance while saying "I'm glad we could come to a deal, maybe you can write a Yelp review and mention me." Here you go, as promised Frank Ted (Finance): Ted is the ONLY associate I have not had a problem with. From beginning to end he has been honest and straight forward. I don't need pleasantries, I just need to get the deal done, and Ted was all that. Thank you Ted. Manny: Apparently Manny got called in to seal the deal. After I signed my papers Manny walked me out to the vehicle where I did another walk around. Only to find a dent on the hood of my once perfect car, covered up in cheap paint that does not match. Manny acknowledges that the dent was not there Saturday. Frank: Claims the dent is tree sap, but if it is a dent underneath they will fix it and that I should come in on Saturday. I tell him this is my only car, I'm coming from Union City, will they provide me a loaner vehicle? Frank says no, because they do not accommodate used vehicle customers with loaners. He mentions a yelp review again, asks again how old I am (because he's sure I am younger than his youngest daughter), and tells me it's been a pleasure. Manny: I update Manny on what has happened the past two days, but instead of active listening, he flirts with my female friend about some nonsense.. then asks us both to stand in front of the GTI.. because he takes pictures of all his happy customers with their new purchase. 1) I'm not a happy customer 2) My female friend did not sign or co sign for the GTI, therefore she is not your customer and is in no way attached to this deal. Manny, learn to read customers and do not push them when they are already upset. John: The next day I call John to let him know how the pick up of my car went and also about the dent. He seems surprised that Frank even agreed to fix it (?????) and confirmed that he would not find another form of transportation for me or allow me to take my car to another DGDG dealership in Fremont, which is closer to where I live in Union City. I COULDN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP IF I TRIED. I could have simply walked away from the vehicle. But I stuck it out and endured the abuse for my husband to have his car. But now his car is 90% perfect and the staff is unwilling to accommodate me for something that happened at THEIR dealership. Shaun Del Grande made a commitment to his customers called Project 100 "to provide 100% customer satisfaction to 100% of our customers 100% of the time" and in no way did I receive that type of service. I have purchased vehicles from Carlsbad Toyota, Capital Toyota, Capital Honda, Fremont Toyota, and Capital Ford.. I know what I'm getting into when buying from a dealership and what to generally expect. The staff at Capital Kia EXTREMELY FAILS in comparison to all of those dealerships. I will definitely tell my friends, family, and everyone I meet of my experience.

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