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2011 Chevy Volt: A Surprise Gift!

June 22, 2011


Look what came in the mail today to "Volt Owner."

Wonder what's in it....


Ohh, bubble wrap.


....and a classy Trapper Keeper with a magnetic closure.


Neat...there's stuff inside the Trapper Keeper


Like this book, Chevrolet Volt: Charging into the Future by Larry Edsall with a foreword by Bob Lutz. $19 on Amazon.


Well that's neat, a Volt branded Flip UltraHD cam. $109 on Amazon.

There was also a card explaining what was going on. So instead of typing it, here ya go....


This is certainly a neat gift for the early-adopter Volt owners, and was originally a gift only for the first 100 Volt buyers, we were surprised to get it. But the surprise soon turned to joking as our office is a cynical bunch. Here are some of the comments so far:

"What, no carbon offset credits?"

"Is the box recycled?"

"Flip just went under, is that a good message for an innovative car?"

"Hey, did my tax dollars just buy you a Flip cam AND part of a car?"

Mike Magrath, Associate Editor, Inside Line

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