2012 Chevrolet Sonic Long Term Road Test

2012 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ: Eject Button

May 30, 2012


Why do all GMs make me do this? Is this some kind of digital nostalgia for the tape/disc eject button? Are we still on Windows XP here? Why do I need to command-disconnect my portable device?

Is OnStar compiling my musical tastes and preferences and sending to Bob Lutz's desk? Or Facebook's Skynet? Is Mark Zuckerberg going to resurrect Joe Strummer and serve me ads for the Ultimate Clash Reunion Tour? Like!

Ah, well. Despite its fish-oil funk (still present) and boggy throttle, the Sonic still charms. Once you get into boost, it's plenty of fun. And it looks like enthusiast tuners are starting to open the ECU and flash new mappings that improve throttle response. Not the preferred fix for a new car, but worth a look if you're sold on the rest of the Sonic.

As I sit and plan my future mogul-dom of some obscure cottage industry, I think about what small car I'd like to putt around the expensive coastal village I'll call home. The Sonic makes the list, although probably behind the Mazda2, which is lively, easy to park and careen down hills, and packs good power for the package. Although if I'm feeling belligerent, a well-kept R32 might be the better call.

Can't a rich man just get a subcompact Bentley?

Dan Frio, Automotive Editor

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$151 per month*
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