2006 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl 4A) 60,000 miles

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl 4A) Model Shown To learn more about a specific part, click on the name under Part Description. To learn more about how the estimated cost for a part or service is determined, click on the Part Cost or Labor Cost links.

Maintenance Schedule Results

Part Cost
Air filter $18.83
Coolant $8.00
Engine oil $23.68
Oil filter $6.22
Spark plug wires $112.60
Spark plugs $57.80
Timing belt $99.60
Total Estimated Parts Cost$326.73
Labor Action Item Cost
Replace Air filter $12.74
Inspect Automatic transmission fluid $1.27
Inspect Ball joints & steering linkage $6.37
Inspect Brake system $12.74
Flush/replace Coolant $44.59
Inspect Distributor cap $12.74
Inspect Distributor rotor $0.64
Inspect boots & seals Drive axles $6.37
Inspect Drive belt(s) $1.91
Change Engine oil $10.19
Inspect Evaporative control system $6.37
Inspect Exhaust system $3.18
Inspect Fuel lines & hoses $3.18
Inspect Fuel system $6.37
Replace Oil filter $6.37
Replace Spark plug wires $31.85
Replace Spark plugs $31.85
Replace Timing belt $178.36
Rotate Wheels & tires $19.11
Total Estimated Labor Cost$396.21
Total Estimated Costs
Total Estimated Parts Cost For Your Area $326.73
Total Estimated Labor Cost For Your Area $396.21
Total Estimated Cost (excluding tax)*:  $722.94

*This Total Estimated Cost includes the preventive maintenance items recommended by Mitsubishi. The facility that services your vehicle may perform different, greater, or fewer procedures that can affect the cost you incur. For example, engine oil change and filter replacement are commonly performed by dealer and independent service facilities at special prices. These "special price" services do not typically include all of the additional procedures recommended by Mitsubishi at each service interval.