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10 Steps to Finding the Right Car for You

Step 10. Time To Buy or Lease

Finding the Right Car

If you've followed Steps 1-9, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You've done your homework and should feel confident you've found the right car for you. Now it's time to buy or lease.

There are other guidelines you should keep in mind (or maybe in hand) now that you're ready to buy or lease: "10 Steps to Leasing a New Car," "8 Steps to Buying a New Car" or "10 Steps to Buying a Used Car."

And if you have any questions along the way, please reach out to the Live Help team for free assistance. The team will work hard to make your car-shopping experience the best one yet.

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By bluebaker777
on 04/08/13
10:01 PM PST

i have owned 2 nissan maximas. i qwned a 2005, 2010, & a 2011. i only have 10,654 miles on it. its been garage kept. i paid $36,765.98 for thiws car. i got on line qand it told me the car on trade in is only worth $20,182. a private party its worth $21,902. and dealer retail is $23,366. i think this is bull shit. car dealers and insurance compaines are nothing but legal crooks. i have my maxima in the paper and i am asking $25,500.00. i have a brand new set of tires and wheels. my car has been garage kept. i know for a fact when i traded my 2010 maxima in for a 2011 i got ripped off. i came back to the lot a week later and they put a price tag on it, and was asking $29,999.99 for it. so my advice to anyone is to get a aprasile first. bgecaus these dealers will rip you off everytime. there is not a honest car salesman, no wheres. they have 1 thing on their mind, and that is money and screw you. so be careful when you go to buy and trade. and they will tell you the biggest lie there is.

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