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2006 BMW M5 Pictures

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Nineteen-inch wheels and tires and two-piece rotors both identify the car as an M5. At almost $90 grand (as tested) the M5 doesn't come cheap. But can you really put a price on a car that stirs your soul? Quad exhaust outlets distinguish the M5 from other 5-Series machines. MDrive is activated with the button on the right side marked with an M. Paddle shifters turn with the steering wheel, which can be confusing during opposite-lock maneuvers. It might be one of the fastest cars on the road, but it has legitimate room for four. With most functions switched through iDrive, the M5's controls are relatively spartan. No matter what you think of BMW's new styling direction, it's hard to argue with the allure of the M5's performance. 19-inch tires lay the M5's 507 horses to the ground with the help of an electronically controlled differential. Beneath those plenums are 10 individual throttle bodies which each feed a cylinder displacing a half-liter. Combine that with 12.0:1 compression and the result is 500 hp at 7,750 rpm. The M5's optional 18-way adjustable seats have active backrest bolsters which are supposed to brace their occupants against cornering loads. We were more annoyed than impressed. This is the controlling wand for the BMW M5's seven-speed SMG transmission. You can't tell what gear you're in by touching it... A standard head-up display and heavily bolstered sport seats are some of the notable changes to the M5's cabin. 2006 BMW M5 There are few 4,000-pound sedans that offer enough feedback to be driven like this. See all that twisty road in the background? That's where the M5 is in its element. 2006 BMW M5 MDrive can be configured to switch off stability control. Although it's easy to catch, you need to be ready for it once you make the switch. ...so they put the gear number up on the head-up display to remove the ambivalence. Of course in a manual transmission, you know what gear you're in because you put it there and it feels like it's there.