2009 BMW 7 Series Long Term Road Test

2009 BMW 750i: Back from SLO

June 28, 2009

2009 BMW 750i Mon.jpg

After a weekend of strafing vineyards near San Luis Obispo in search of some real-estate info, the 750i carried our foursome back to L.A. in serene, coddling comfort. As a machine designed to shuttle a quartet in rapid solitude, you could do far worse than the 750i. When hustled, the 7 Series seems to shrink and begin imitating its smaller 3- and 5 Series brethren. Mechanical grip is far outside the comfort range of all but the most banzai passengers, and few spouses would leap that bar.

Even the spouses, however, were impressed with the afterburner-like thrust that made for drama free jumps onto Hwy 101, often via on-ramps about as long as a carrier-deck. Even when given the boot, and winding it's turbine-smooth twin-turbo V8 up to redline, full-throttle shifts were delivered swiftly but with a muted touch, preventing any frayed nerves inside the cabin.

Constantly inputting addresses into the nav system while moving from listing to listing, we can probably lay most past criticisms of iDrive to rest. The interface works well and rapidly, with a jog wheel that oozes quality through heft and feel. The graphics are clear and tasteful, and the widescreen display sports some impressive resolution.

Effortlessly hauling four passengers and luggage over the weekend, the 750i managed 18.7 mpg, and ranks as the complete package if you've the portfolio for its heart stopping sticker price. It handles superbly, has rocket-ship thrust, is quiet and extremely comfortable for four adults and sports useful and accessible technology. If you have the means and love to be involved with the car you're driving, this new 7 Series is worth a serious look.

Paul Seredynski, Executive Editor @ 11,809 miles

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