Tobacco Holder - 2011 BMW 528i Long-Term Road Test

2011 BMW 5 Series Long Term Road Test

2011 BMW 528i: Tobacco Holder

January 12, 2011

BMW 528 ashtray.jpg

Prominent in the center console of our long-term BMW 528i is what appears to be an ashtray. I was slightly surprised by this, as ashtrays are being replaced in most vehicles destined for North America with small storage boxes. (The ashtray in our 528 does pop out.)

Although smoking is down in the U.S -- with the exception of auto journalists (rimshot!) -- smoking is still popular in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world, like Las Vegas.

I was in an Asian country over the holidays and discovered one reason for smoking's popularity there: it's cheap. A pack of smokes goes for less than a buck!

Albert Austria, Senior VE Engineer @ 7,300 miles

BMW 528 ashtray out.jpg

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