The 900 Mile Weekend - 2011 BMW 528i Long-Term Road Test

2011 BMW 5 Series Long Term Road Test

2011 BMW 528i: The 900 Mile Weekend

August 08, 2011


If you've come here looking for the new highway fuel economy numbers on our long-term 528i then you're going to be disappointed.

"How can this be?" you say. "You drove it from L.A. to San Jose and back on the interstate. Why wouldn't you calculate the sedan's fuel economy. God, you editors are so lazy. Give me the keys to that 5 Series and the Edmunds gas card and I'll calculate some mpg for you. Automotive journalists are all idiots. Is it really that hard? What's next? Are you going to track test a car and not tell us its 0-60 time? I've had it with you morons. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL."

Easy there turbo. I have a very good reason for not reporting the 528i's highway fuel economy from this trip.


A big rig went of over the side of I5 just north of Cataic Lake. We hardly moved for more than an hour. It was 100 degrees outside. I wasn't going to shut the car and kill the air conditioning. So we sat there. After that I go word there were further delays further north due to repaving. So I jumped on the 46 West to cut over to the 101. Not a good move. More paving. We sat there for another 30 minutes.

Once we finally reached San Jose, the 5 Series ended up doing enless errands and airport runs for relatives. Nearly 100 miles of city type driving.

Then, on the way home last night, more traffic. This time in San Barbara. My bad. I thought I'd would out smart fate and avoid I5 all together, so I took 101 South the entire trip. No good. Stop and go for nearly 70 miles.

Otherwise this was a great trip. And I now have new found respect and appeciation for the our 528i. This is a great road trip machine. My entire family found it to be very comfortable, and I had very little fatigue, even after 5 or 6 hours behind the wheel without a break.

And I appreciate its range. As Erin Riches reported after her trip to Montana in the BMW, it can cover 500+ mile on a tank if you're not a Leadfoot Larry.

We only have another month with this sedan before it heads back to BMW HQ. I think I'll start looking for more excuses to drive it.

Scott Oldham, Editor in Chief @ 18,987 miles

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