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2011 BMW 528i: iPod Still Waiting ...

November 03, 2010

BMW 528 ipod interface waiting.jpg

I talked yesterday about the imperfect operation of BMW's iDrive iPod iNterface.

However, the story does not end there. When I started the car up yesterday morning, finally figured out how to engage a podcast and hit Start Play, the iDrive screen just said "Please wait ..." It just kept playing the alphabetically first song on my iPod, which is customary when you first plug in a recently resynced iPod. But the podcast did not begin. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting. I tried going back and picking different things, but nothing I selected would play. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I gave up, but when I went back a few hours later to film the video, there was no waiting.

The exact thing happened this morning in a BMW 3 Series. I "waited" for 33 minutes before I remembered I was waiting. I went back, selected something else and it engaged immediately. Maybe it just needs to be warmed up? That's ridiculous, but it's the best I've got.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor @ 3,710 miles

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