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1991 Acura NSX: Total Cost to Sell

October 27, 2012


From the time we decided to sell our 1991 Acura NSX to the time it completed the smog test hurdles, we spent some cash. This was not a cheap car to get ready for sale:

$125 for a car wash and detail
$65 for smog test #1
$148.66 for a dealership diagnosis of the problem
$610.29 for replacement of the air temp and O2 sensors
$65 for smog test #2
$1,195.97 for two new catalytic converters, installed
$20 for smog test #3

Get out those calculators. We spent $2,229.92 to passify the government and deliver a shiny NSX to the next owner. It feels like a lot because it is. This is the most we've spent on any long-term car to prep it for sale. So why the picture, you ask?

Well, last night the Acura ran out of wiper fluid. I grabbed a gallon at the nearest gas station for a whopping $3.25. It doubles as headlight fluid, so in reality, we got a deal on the stuff. That pushes the total just over $2,230.

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 58,389 miles

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