2011 Compliments & Success Stories

Compliments & Success Stories

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Compliments & Success Stories

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Thank you so much for the service you provide. I am the kind of guy that buys his vehicle, takes care of it, drives it for 15 or 20 years, wears it out, then buys a new one. My great little 1993 Nissan hardbody pickup has gone about as far as it can go. It is time for a new one. The Internet appears to have significantly changed the act of shopping for a new vehicle since 1993. Edmunds.com has really leveled the playing field and empowered the consumer. Thank you so much; you guys rock! Aloha!

I finally bought a Toyota Corolla. I know your review on this car is not great but good enough. I'm retired and my wife works two days a week. We needed a second car that is good on gas and is known for reliability, and also something we can afford. Centennial Toyota of Las Vegas gave us a deal that we like. Thanks to you, we have an idea of the invoice price with most options and the incentives available to us. The dealership sold a lot of Corollas in November and has 5 left that I can feel they are pushing out the door. Buying towards the end of the month and the model year helps a lot. We got our Corolla under invoice price, sixty months of no interest financing and two years or 25,000 miles of free maintenance. What else can you ask for?
--Lee from North Las Vegas, Nevada

Looked online at Edmunds before shopping... had prices pretty much down pat until we got to the dealer. Turns out the model we originally inquired about would be too small for our choice. We looked around and finally settled on a used car — a 2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 4Matic with 6 thousand miles on it and LOADED to the max. It was even the color we'd been looking for. We dealt around with the prices from 11:00 a.m. until we said no and left. I think they were dumbfounded. I called on our way home and made my final offer. It had to be "yes or no." They called back just as we pulled into our driveway. They wanted to go 1/2 of my low bid and I said "no" one more time and to think about it and call me back in 5 min. The sales manager called me back in 15 minutes and said with a heavy sigh, "If we say okay, will you come back tonight?" My husband and I agreed and we finally closed the deal at 7:30 p.m. It sounds like a lot of time, but when you get a vehicle seven-thousand dollars cheaper than their asking price, I feel we did pretty well. We re-checked your site and you actually priced it higher than we paid, so thank you again Edmunds for a great job and helpful service.
--Diane from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you. I really appreciate this site. I have used it to research my last two auto purchases. This site (as well as others like it and the many "buying services" that have sprung up) have revolutionized the auto buying experience. Sy Sim's quote to the contrary, "an educated consumer" is the car salesman's worst nightmare. I do not appreciate 'haggling' over the price and now, armed with reasonable price data, my auto buying experiences have been almost haggle-free. Auto sales-personnel, seem more ready to offer near invoice pricing the first time around. I am grateful for this site and will check it before buying my next vehicle.
--Mike from Huntington, New York

TMV Rocks! Found the truck I wanted. Spent an hour establishing TMV. Made a cash offer. They accepted. I got a price I'm happy with and no stress to get it. Incredible. Thanks.
--Greg from Vicksburg, Mississippi

I went to a car dealership in Albany N.Y. to inquire about the possible purchase of 300 C-class Mercedes Benz. My initial contact with this dealership was less than satisfactory. This was primarily due to the first sales person I dealt with, so I left without purchasing the car. I decided, upon my return home, to use Edmunds.com not only for research purposes but to receive dealer quotes. Within 2 hours of my submission I received quotes from the dealership mentioned above. The quote was in line with Edmunds True Market Value for the car I was interested in purchasing. My next visit to the same dealership and new salesperson was very satisfactory and resulted in the purchase of the car. Needless to say I was very happy with your website and the dealership to which I was referred (2nd time around).
--Raymond from Middleburgh, New York

I found the Dealer Price Quotes most helpful in laying the ground work for my meetings. Without the quotes I don't feel I would have gotten the price I wanted. It's been a long time since I bought a car and found the experience a little less intimidating having done some homework through your website.

I researched the Ford Fiesta and purchased a 2011 SE hatchback standard shift with the Sync system (no choice but really appreciate it now!). Out the door with taxes, tags, doc fees etc. my purchase was $17,200. Initially it was $18,250 sticker price and that wasn't including all the extra fees. I knew my numbers thanks to this site, showed them the research, and let them know I knew my stuff. I didn't even have to mention the dreaded "hold back" income they would receive when negotiating price. I paid cash in full. The staff was very laid back, I gave them my numbers and we worked from there. With Edmunds' help and all the other research I did on price, I feel I got a great deal.

Using the "build your own model" and "get a quote" section were very helpful. I was able to find the exact car I wanted, and had two dealers bidding for my sale. They came down over $2000 from where we started until I was ready to buy. You were very helpful.

I used you online quote service. It was wonderful. It takes all the frustration out of purchasing an auto. Each dealer responded with their best price online and all I had to do was choose who to buy from. It is important for buyers to find out which dealer gives the best financing. I was offered 3.9 for 72 months from my local dealer. But I decided to check out another dealer and got 2.9% for 72 months. Your online service is the way to go. I highly recommend it!!

With your help, I think I made a really good deal on my new Nissan Murano. Thank you!
--Lou Ann from Sheboygan, Wisconsin

I would like to thank you for your website Edmunds.com that helped me working out the price of the car I was interested to purchase. Your website provided the list of various options, invoice price, True Market Value and MSRP. I was able to use this information as my guide to determine the cost of the car and whether I can afford it or not. The dealer and the salesperson treated me so well as they knew that I was not buying car without knowledge. Your website had given me the confidence and knowledge of the price to pay, making my car purchase a very pleasant experience. Your car reviews column had helped me select the right car for me at this time. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent website. I cannot make a right and happy decision without your website.

Thanks to Edmunds.com, I'm in love with my new car! After my 1996 Geo Metro finally bit the dust this past December, I have been researching a new car purchase. I stumbled upon Edmunds.com through a Google search early on, and I couldn't have made my new car purchase of a Hyundai Veloster without Edmunds' guidance. I started by researching the cars, finding the information on this site to be so much more specific and abundant than other sites like ConsumerReports.org so I ultimately abandoned CR for the fantastic articles and reviews on Edmunds. Nearly every day until today (the day after I purchased my Veloster!) I perused different articles — the advice given about both new and used cars, the questions to ask prior to purchase, what to expect at the 'dealer table.' I rave about Edmunds to all of my friends and to anyone that mentions that they are in the market for a new vehicle. I truly couldn't have not only narrowed my selection to only 1 vehicle (as I had perused the specs of over 25 cars) but I found the articles and how-to's to be the utmost help. Thank you Edmunds for helping my new car buying experience to be so much easier than expected!
-Angela from Kentucky

Your site was invaluable in the negotiation of the price of my new car. I was able to get the True Market Value price! Thanks for all of your information I really appreciate it.
--Patricia from East Northport, New York

Using information from Edmunds.com and Consumer Reports, I negotiated a price for a 2011 Subaru Outback with Hatfield Subaru. The salesperson was professional and knowledgeable. He told me when the car would be available. The car was ready when he said it would be. He honored the price quoted on the phone.
--Mary from Dublin, Ohio

I have been telling everyone what a great experience it was "shopping" from my desk and computer. After getting quotes via your site I was able to work with no fewer than 4 dealerships and save significant time while negotiating a very good deal. Will highly recommend your site to others.

Your website was very helpful to me in making a decision to purchase a Hyundai Elantra. I decided to have AAA make all the arrangements for the purchase as I had an expiring lease on a Honda Civic for which there was some equity which was factored into my purchase arrangement. They also arranged excellent financing for me. Thanks for your help.
--Tim McNeil

I used your website to check auto ratings and prices. I found it informative and easy to use, thank you!

Not only are these car reviews helpful, but the writers also insert a little tongue & cheek humor. I love it!

Before deciding to buy a car I read this article and other related articles and references to buying new or used cars. After reading this most enjoyable and informative article I decided to go with one of the types of dealers the article highlighted, the no hassle type. I purchased the car, made a great deal with the help of this article, and am enjoying "my ride."

Thank you, Edmunds, for your great tools as to the value of my 2010 Hyundai Sonata and my planned purchase of a 2012 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Coupe. This information was a great help in preparing for my purchase.
--Jake from Petaluma, California

Before I purchase any vehicle, I access Edmunds.com literally hundreds of times. Your website is absolutely the best resource I know in helping people determine what they should be paying for a vehicle. With all the information you provide, the dealers are no longer in the driver's seat (no pun intended). You level the playing field for anyone willing to do a little research. You're providing a very valuable service to car buyers all over the country.
--Ron from Palmyra, Virginia

Thanks to your site's abundant information, we purchased a 2012 Odyssey from Matt Castrucci Honda within a week after we solicited quotes from 6 dealers. They gave us the best offer. The purchase price is very close to your TMV. We love the van and are happy the transaction was a win-win situation. Thanks.

I would like you people @ Edmunds to know that because of your information about cars I was able to narrow down search criteria, compare vehicles, choose a model, and setup a search to find my dream car! I also learned that there are 3 parts to buying a car: You, the buyer, the dealership, and the credit financing/lending institutions. On 9/15/11, I purchased a 2009 Kia Optima LX sedan. I got it below market value which was fantastic! I am very appreciative towards Edmunds and how you continually educate buyers to do things more smartly when purchasing a new vehicle!

Armed with accurate information, I found the "dealing" easy and not too stressful. I had your info to repeat to the dealer and managed to drop the price of the car I was buying by $1500 which is significant to me! Thanks for the great info and easy site!

I really appreciate your site. It is very helpful to read the reviews and consumer reviews also. It helped A LOT!! Being a woman and single mother, it was in the beginning a very intimidating process and I felt with your site a lot more support to understand many things about the process. I now feel more knowledgeable and I know for my next experience with a car I will know exactly what to ask. Thank You!

Your site is very helpful. I researched for a long time about my next car choice. It helped me decide which SUV would be best for me, and what options are available. I also felt I was making an informed decision when I spoke of price and what I wanted on the car. Thank you.
--Nancy from Bridgewater, Massachusetts

I rate the edmunds.com quote process highly. It was easy to use and I believe resulted in getting the car we wanted at a fair price. Our experience at the Burien Toyota dealership was also very positive and they have contacted us after the purchase to make sure everything is satisfactory. We are well satisfied with our new car and with the purchase process.

The information on Edmunds is very helpful in knowing a fair value to pay. The sales people can be very crafty and try to muddy the waters with add-ons, extended warranty contracts, nitrogen in tires, "simonize" finish on car paint, scotch guard for interior. These extras can extra thousands of dollars if you aren't prepared for them. Others will add doc fees and extra city sales taxes. You need to be well prepared and Edmunds was a great help.

About a week into the process it was apparent to me that I didn't have a good grasp on the terminology of leasing, nor could I decide whether it made sense to lease instead of buying. I remember someone telling me to visit Edmunds.com to use their calculators, so I did. What I found was just about everything a car shopper would need or should know about the process. Confessions of a Car Salesman should be required reading for any car shopper. I felt as if the author had followed me around. The Tower, or the Ring, or the Platform or some such device existed in every dealership I visited. The hierarchy, the salesperson, the manager, the manager's manager et cetera, were pervasive. The levels of the hierarchy varied on the size of the dealership, but there was always a hierarchy. Actually, it became fun to watch it work. How serious it all was made to seem, when in fact it simply was a mechanism to appear to winnow down some price point to another price point, creating the illusion of "hard work" to get to the customer's "we have a deal" moment. After reading the material on Edmunds, the whole process became fun; it was so obvious and transparent. In any event, I really want to thank you folks at Edmunds for providing a real public service with the material that you provide. Not only is it very accurate, but is also completely appropriate to task at hand. I commend you.

THANKS EDMUNDS - Yesterday, I bought a 2011 Nissan Rogue SV w/SL package. I couldn't be happier. I did my homework through Edmunds and when it came time to talk price I was able to give the Edmunds TMV price. The sales person asked me if I had a print-out from Edmunds which I did. She returned in a few minutes and said, "We will match Edmunds price." I really didn't think they would come off the sticker price as much as they did so I was totally pleased when they did so with no hesitation. A big thanks to you and your terrific staff for doing the hard work for me and saving me a lot of money in the process.
--Barbara from Quincy, Florida

Thanks to this site I was able to fix a problem with the security pass-lock system on a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. Saved me a couple hundred dollars we really don't have right now. Keep up the good work and thanks again.
--Donnie from Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Thanks for the forum. I had the same problems with my brake pedal going intermittently to the floor and the ABS shuttling at low speed stops. The ABS light was not activated though. I read this forum and found that my right front hub bearing was completely shot and must be causing an erratic reading at the ABS wheel speed sensor. Replaced the bearing and the brakes work great!
--Jeff from Fairbanks, Alaska

Your site helped me in both my search and my final decision on the Jetta that I purchased. The quotes that I received from the dealers that I had contact with helped me in my negotiations with the dealer where I purchased the vehicle. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED.

I used your website to receive price quotes from 3 dealers here in Cleveland on a 2011 Nissan Altima. I was extremely happy with your service. I indeed purchased a vehicle from Bedford Nissan which was one of the 3 dealers you emailed with my request. The process was quick, efficient, &, most importantly, quite economical. I hope to take advantage of your service in the future.

I had a somewhat illegible print-out showing the VIN of a deceased client's Cadillac, and I needed the correct number for the probate court filing. Using your tool, I was able to figure out the right VIN. I also learned more than I needed to know about what each of the 17 characters mean from Liz Kim's helpful hints. Thanks, Edmunds.com!
--Scott from Dallas, Texas

On 6/29, I purchased a 2011 Altima Coupe from a Nissan dealer in Lakeland, FL. After taking advantage of multiple pricing sources as well as emailing dealers with what I was looking for and requesting them to provide me their best price, I used that cumulative data to finally visit the dealer I knew going in I was going to buy from and go execute the deal. I love what you guys do and have used your website to gather data that has played a huge part in the now 4 new vehicles (2000 Malibu, 2000 S-10, 2009 Pathfinder, & 2011 Altima) we have purchased and 1 (2006 Pathfinder) that we also leased.
--Chris from Tampa, Florida

Well, I walked out of the showroom of my local Hyundai dealer recently when they adamantly refused to consider my offer on a new Elantra, which was based on TMV. (By the way, they were shocked when I didn't want to test drive the car. I told them I needed to talk to them about price first.) The salesman called the next day with a counter-offer -- lower than sticker but still not low enough for me to consider. So I said no, and they tried to sell me a different car. Frustrated, I had all but decided to give up on buying a new car; then I decided to myself that I'd make them another offer, a little higher than my original but much lower than sticker. My boyfriend said, "Don't call them, they'll call you back." Like clockwork, they called back the next morning with a lower offer and one that happened to be exactly what I was planning to offer. Sticker with dealer add-ons was $21,665. I paid $18,000. When I bought my first few cars, I never considered paying below sticker because I was always told that price was suggested by the manufacturer, and they had "no control over price." Boy was I wrong. Luckily, I spent several months this time reading articles and advice at edmunds.com and felt so much more prepared to negotiate. I could have possibly gotten them lower, but my main goal was to get to what I could live with and I totally did!! Thank you so much!!!
--Anne from Atlanta, Georgia

The information gathered from your website was very helpful during auto selection and ultimately, price negotiation on my new 2011 Mazda 6. Kudos to your team at edmunds.com. I was thrilled to find your user-friendly website which narrowed the listing of vehicles which best suit my needs.

Your referral to Lakeside Toyota of Metairie, LA was an inspired success. Within two weeks they delivered the exact car I wanted (but for $500 over the price you stated). Clearly I was lucky. All other dealers said that there was a waiting list for the 2011 Prius, and the one dealer that did have a car available for sale wanted $2000 over your price. This is the third time your help has proven to be invaluable to me. THANK YOU!
--George from Mandeville, Louisiana

I ended up purchasing two new vehicles — a Dodge Grand Caravan and a Chevy Malibu. Thanks to your site, I have no doubt that I bought my vehicles at the dealership most willing to work with me. By sending the emails to the Internet Managers I was able to make the dealerships come to me instead of me going to them. This was a major advantage since I used each price quote to my advantage and made the dealerships compete for my business. I would recommend using your site to anyone that's in the market for a new vehicle.

First of all I just wanted you to know I NEVER leave feedback like this, but as I was searching the Internet today for some info on buying a new audio system for my car, I somehow stumbled on your 5 part series on "Understanding Car Audio Systems" and was so impressed, I had to let you know. I've always wanted to learn about car audio since I am, for the most part, a huge music fan in all aspects. I can play music, I can record music, and I can critique music (or so I think), but one thing I was oddly intimidated learning was how it all worked in an automotive setting. Probably because I am terrible with cars. I'm thinking about buying a new audio system for my used car in the next few weeks, so I figured I'd finally learn a thing or two about it before my purchase. I came across your 5 part series and soaked in every little bit. It was richly informative without going into the super-technical side of things which can get annoyingly confusing. I had no idea your site existed before today but I know where to go now if I ever have any automotive questions. I'll now be looking for a new amplifier and speakers later today with confidence. In short, thank you guys so much for such a well-written and helpful article! You rock!!
--Mitch from Rockford, Illinois

I want to thank Edmunds.com for all the information provided on their web site. I recently leased a new Nissan Maxima and was able to negotiate a great deal because of all the insight provided by your website. Your leasing recommendations were right on the money , no pun intended, and helped me secure a great deal from the dealership. I would encourage anyone in the car buying or leasing market today to first go to your site and read up on the steps to secure a good deal. I would also encourage the buyers to mention to your salesman that you have visited Edmunds and believe me they get right down to dealing because they know you have educated yourself on the art of the deal. Know your numbers and options by first visiting Edmunds.com and you will be greatly satisfied by the results. Thanks again for a great service to the auto buying community.
--Catherine from Ocala, Florida

You guys rock! It used to be Kelly B.B. was the go-to place for pricing or Car and Driver for reviews. Now you are the one-stop place for great reviews, tips, pricing, road tests — the whole package. AND you don't charge a subscription fee. (Goodbye Consumer Reports).
--Brian from Studio City, California

Your website is much, much easier to navigate than 1 year ago. Congratulations, and thank you.

I would like to thank you for the advice provided by your website. I was able to negotiate a fair price for my new Buick Regal and for the trade-in of my 2001 Jaguar S-Type. Both values were very close to those provided by your website.
--Gary from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Using your website — best experience purchasing car. Thank you.
--Robert Child from Albany, New York

I purchased a 2011 Toyota Yaris from Newbold Toyota in O'Fallon, Illinois. They had submitted an email quote which was perfect — and they had the car I wanted! Thank you for your part in making this happen. I appreciate Edmunds.com and all the information you provide to car buyers and sellers!
--Ruby Rubato

I was very pleased with my experience using Edmunds. The site is very easy to navigate, even for an 85 year old grandmother. Thank you so much. I was able to contact Honda dealers here in the Denver area and in Centennial, Colorado. I chose to deal with Front Range Honda because they are local. I had printed out a quote from a Denver dealer which was a thousand dollars less than Front Range. When I showed it to the salesman at Front Range, he told me it was their policy to meet the price of any other Honda dealer! Wonderful!
--Jean Michel from Colorado Springs, Colorado

I was very satisfied with the recent purchase of my Mazda3 Hatchback. The Edmunds website was very helpful in allowing me to compare vehicle choices and prices. Thank you.

Your site prepared me for dealer negotiations. The recommendations saved me approximately 25% on this new vehicle purchase. Thank you!
--Sam from North Carolina

2005 Jetta TDI — thanks for a fun, thorough review. Great imagery.

I wanted to thank you for the dent repair article with Crayford Coachworks and Sean McMullan. Based on that, I called Sean and he came to my home and repaired a couple of pretty wicked dents. It's amazing! Within an hour and half, he was done and the car looks perfect. Quite literally, it saved me well over a thousand dollars, all the hassle of bodywork and more importantly, no downtime! Sean was great. He seems really into his work. Thank you so much for being a valuable resource!
--James Doh

I recently purchased a 2011 Dodge Charger SE and would like to commend Edmunds on its review. The article was spot on! I regularly consult Edmunds for their car reviews and think it is a great source for automobile information.
--Bruce Johnson

Used your vehicle reviews and price guides as well as quotes. All dead on. Made job simple, even after obtaining three quotes. Thanks for doing all the work for and making it simple as well.

My family has used Edmunds' info and help 4x in the past 3.5 yrs to buy and sell cars. Just bought a new 2011 Nissan Rogue from Gettel Nissan (Sarasota) with your help. Always a good experience. Thanks!
--Sheila from Sarasota, Florida

Thank you. Your website has helped beyond measure in purchasing our new car. The information you provide is so valuable. I can't remember how I came upon it, probably by google or bing. I know for sure we will recommend your website to everyone we are in contact with concerning purchasing an automobile. The ten steps to purchasing a new car were fantastic. Our dealership provided a computer for us when we changed models while viewing our options. I went straight to your site checked out the vehicle, the reviews, and let them see your quotes. We left with the car we wanted. It was a great experience and I highly value your service. So glad we found you.
— Faith Bowles from Richmond, Kentucky

Just wanted to tell you that I have used your site to help me select and buy my last 7 automobiles. Your site is chock full of info regarding specific autos — that along with the pricing makes buying an auto almost painless.
— Art Barrett from Middeburgh, New York

Used your Dealer Price Quotes to negotiate a deal on my new Lexus ES 350. I requested quotes from 4 dealers; none actually gave me a quote. However, I was still able to negotiate my deal, on my terms, via the internet. This was a huge advantage because I was negotiating from my den — not in the Dealers office and (ii) I had ready access to all the pricing information I needed, including incentives on the car, to make sure I got a deal that worked. Overall, I was very pleased and would recommend this system to anyone buying a car. 5 Stars!

I was delighted to be able to use your site to get quotes from various dealers. What a great service! I will recommend it whenever I get the opportunity. I had already decided which make and model car I was interested in and all, but one of the dealers replied immediately and had no hesitation in quoting their best deals. I ended up by buying from one of them. This method of buying/selling seems so much easier than the hassle of face-to-face. Buyers can make their decision without hours of going around dealerships and haggling about prices, and sellers have a much quicker sale (even if for a lower price). An excellent service!

Well done. It's rare to find a website so well done, and I think yours sets a definite benchmark. The ability to sort through just so many options so cleanly. The plethora of sorting options to narrow your choices. Even the only drawback is really a plus: the sheer volume of information and options at first is a little hard to navigate, but I think once people gain a little familiarity, it's just awesome for searching things down and narrowing it to just what you're looking for. Every site with a large inventory should take lessons from you guys. Very impressed.
— Bruce from Toronto, Canada

Thank for the heads-up to survive gas prices. My family and I really appreciate your informative newsletters.
— John Martino

Approximately 2 weeks ago my wife requested a quote on a new car using a large geographic radius. Much to my surprise, we only got two timely call backs. One was from the dealer closest to us, and he did not have a stock of the desired model. However, the second call came in from JMK Saab, the dealer furthest away from us (90 miles). We have a few great things to say about JMK and the way they handled the sale. They provided clear and abundance communication via e-mails and phone. Their pricing was superb. They provided ample documentation and PDF files to make the whole process go smoothly. When our hometown credit union had a processing error that would delay the pickup of the vehicle by a week, JMK provided alternate funding at a better rate in less than 20 min. via the phone. When we arrived at the dealership, we were warmly greeted, all documents were prepared, and they spent more than ample time to answer all my wife's questions and to make her feel extremely comfortable with the process. We have never purchased a car via the Internet before; however, this was a great experience and less stressful than negotiating pricing in the dealership. We will do this again. Thank you!

Thank you for the information you provided on the SUV I was looking for. I chose one of the dealers you contacted and as a result bought the SUV I wanted at a price that was along the lines you described. Thanks again.
— Dwight Taylor from West Greenwich, Rhode Island

I just replaced a 10 year old Sentra and used Edmunds as my resource guide through the process. Thanks for your great work on your website. I really appreciate all of the help you've given me over the years.
— Sean from North Richland Hills, Texas

Just wanted to say thanks for the service you provide and the dealer quotes that are requested directly from the car details page. I haven't bought the car yet. May take another week but it was nice to get the quotes from the dealers rather than me calling each one of them and asking the same information.

This is the most informative, best-designed new car review and buyers' guide I could imagine. The invoice and TMV® figures were very helpful, as were the instant quotes links to area dealers. I don't have the time (and I don't want) to negotiate with salespeople. I prefer to gather the data and make the purchase without unnecessary drama.
— Bob from Chicago, Illinois

I'm in the process of buying a new car, as well as trading/selling mine. Your website has been invaluable. It has given me tips and links that have guided me to ask knowledgeable questions and make informed decisions. I just got off the phone with my first internet dealer! THANK YOU!
— Kim R. from Norwalk, Iowa

Let Dan know I love those suspension walk-around articles he does on the Straightline blog. Accurate technical information on new cars is almost non-existent.

Kudos on your new website design. Navigation and organization of information is much improved. I didn't like your last re-design several years ago and wrote in to voice my opinion. This time, give credit where credit is due. Very good job, guys.

First time trying the internet quote system. Sent it out to 4 dealers; 2 called right away and confirmed what I wanted, then gave me firm quotes right away. Two others just told me to come in and I could talk to a salesman. I explained that time was valuable, at least to me, hence my asking for a price over the telephone. They both declined. Not sure they understood the quote system. Ended up at Brass City Hyundai. Kid showed me the invoice right up front and beat it by a good margin. Also gave me a fair price on my trade. Shook hands on Wednesday night, picked it up Saturday morning. I've bought a fair number of new and used cars in my day, but this was hands down the best deal and experience I ever had.

The information I got from your site was extremely valuable. Still in negotiations... Used your figures as my negotiation starting point.

Two of the 4 Honda dealers responded instantly, one within an hour and the 4th later in the day. Exchanged info via email with all dealers and finally went into one of the dealers where I eventually purchased the CRV. I found using the internet for the first time in getting back ground info and your Edmunds web site a wealth of excellent info. Thank you very much.

Thanks for your help, Edmunds! We used the site to help find an internet dealer & deal that met our needs. And super help on the negotiation — thanks!! We are very happy with our Toyota Highlander from Bob Smith Toyota!
— Chris from Valley Village, California

I used the Edmunds site in our search for a new car and checked its info against other sources. Very useful — helped us make a satisfactory purchase decision.

Great information — saved me from having my car towed. Thanks!
— John from Windfall, Indiana

Thank you for your site. I was able to research my used car values so when I traded in my two cars to go to one (downsizing). I was able to get trade-ins that matched what I got for information here. I had to haggle a bit on one of them but in the end it was worth it because I knew what the value of both my trade-ins were. Also with the new car reviews and rebate/incentive section I was able to make sure I had all the details before I went into the dealer. Negotiations were easy and painless, and I left with a new 2011 Ford Escape Limited with no regrets on the deal. I got a good loan rate and lowered my monthly costs in payments, insurance and gas by $350. Thank you Edmunds. Keep it up.
— Christopher from Londonderry, New Hampshire

Your service works great. This was first time I tried the on-line site. I was contacted by four dealers, all within 24 hours of my request. I have purchased a truck & it was very helpful to obtain info before visiting the dealers. I was able to make a great deal at Crossroads Ford in Ravena, NY.
— Joseph from Earlton, New York

Good experience so far with Dealer Quotes via e-mail. I am currently in the middle of negotiations with multiple, local automobile dealerships to purchase a new vehicle. The communication began with utilizing this feature on Edmunds.com. So far so good... the majority of the dealers that contacted me have been very open with their information and pricing. This is absolutely the best way to educate yourself about the vehicle you wish to purchase and provide a strong position for final negotiations.

We researched cars on your web site before visiting dealers in the area. Many dealers contacted us. We concluded from our research, test drives, communication with sales reps, etc., that the car for us was the Honda CR-V. We finalized our purchase last Saturday at Van York Honda of High Point. The sales rep was super, spent enough time with us discussing the purchase of the car we desired, let us test drive the car. He was very empathetic to our needs. We bought the car and are enjoying it tremendously. We tell others about your web site and Van York Auto Sales. Thank you for your good help.
— Marianne Steagall from Kernersville, North Carolina

You are so much easier to navigate than Kelley Blue Book. I got lost in their site and I have been looking at cars for over a month. You are the best. (Black Book is a joke, too.)

Your recent AutoObserver makeover is mind-blowing. It is fantastic and exceeds all expectations. The addition of actual data in addition to the usual quality editorials are a welcome feature. More importantly, it differentiates you from the autoblogging pack. Kudos.
— Stanley Shih from Jersey City, New Jersey

With much education from Edmunds, I bought an Elantra Blue with ac, sat radio, and cruise for $13,200 out the door! It took a month, but I'll bet it is one of the lowest prices paid. Thanks to Edmunds for a great site and to you for your work.
— Joe Billmeier from Birmingham, Alabama

Didn't know what was gonna happen when I found this site (lookin' 4 Mercury Sable)... but tons of good stuff on your site. Just wanted to say thanks!!
— Brian Christian from San Antonio, Texas

Bought a mini cooper, used your site a ton. no trade in... bought out of state, duked it out between chicago and minneapolis, had it shipped to seattle, saved 1500 bux.
— Kurt from Seattle, Washington

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your clear, well-written and balanced review of the new Ford Fiesta. I like it myself, and was wondering what an automotive journalist thought. Your reviews are much better than a major automotive magazine that will remain un-named — oh, what the hell it's Car & Driver. I'll be sure to visit Edmunds more often; thanks for the information.
— Skyler Mills from Middletown, Rhode Island

Purchased a new Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L AWD w/o Navi today. Thanks for all your assistance in providing me with current data, pricing and the wherewithal to contact 5 dealerships in the Central PA area for quotes and follow ups. Because of the info you provided me up front, I was much better able to get the price I wanted on this new vehicle. Thanks again.
— Norm Baillargeon

This website is great!! Thank you so much for making it easy for us ladies to download the owners manuals. Again, thank you.

I use Edmunds to search for vehicle attributes, price comparisons and reviews. Very useful shopping tool – thanks!

For the last year, we've been considering purchasing a more economical car to meet our needs. We live in a development in rural West Virginia which is served by a gravel state road five miles from a paved one. The closest full-service grocery store is 25-30 miles away. You were an invaluable resource as we researched low mileage, well-built similar models, including Toyota, Chevrolet, and Ford. After comparing/visiting local dealerships, we felt the best choice was the 2011 Chevy Cruze 2LT. The car came with everything we needed as standard features, including leather seats. The only optional package we needed, due to weather/road conditions where we live, is the "convenience package" that includes heated side mirrors. We picked up our new car on December 31st and are delighted with our choice. The mileage day to day is better than our 2008 Subaru Forester, and we're looking forward to a road trip soon, where mileage should be even better. It's a pleasure to drive, is incredibly quiet. Thanks for all your help.
— Jennifer and Ray Hawkins from Bloomery, West Virginia

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