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Compliments & Success Stories

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Compliments & Success Stories

Compliments & Success Stories

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Thank you for being a great resource in helping us find a great value for the Cadillac CTS we have purchased. Your website helped us with determining what we wanted, then provided great competition between the local dealers to give the best price/value! Edmunds Rocks!

Love your NEW website.... easy to navigate and MUCH faster than the old site.

The dealer quotes were very helpful. I bought a new car from Piazza of Drexel Hill.

I was researching the 2011 Dodge Journey on Tuesday, Dec 7 around 10am PDT. Your site has a completely new interface for vehicle pricing, and I quite like it. Specifically, I like the way the options could be expanded or minimized while pricing a car, without the popup window. Much better!

Comment about the new site: Clean. Dramatic clutter decrease. Easier to find information and am more likely to notice what advertising there may be rather than ignore it. Some sites overwhelm the viewer with an overgrown jungle of distraction. We like the direction your site is taking. It certainly causes us to linger longer.

Kudos to you with "Confessions of a Car Salesman" by Chandler Phillips. Excellent article/story of work giving the public a heads up of sort with autos sold as an insider. Am going to forward links to this to all I know whom need to know. Kudos again for your info and help online for auto dealings. I'm looking for an auto and now know how much it will cost for financing, True Market Value®, etc. Great. Your site is the best I've found for this. Your site also seems to be the best so far for finding out what problems a person will face for a particular make and model. Keep it up, this is great. More power to the people.

I really appreciated the help your website gave. It really helped me be confident in my interactions with the dealerships I visited. Thanks for all your help!
— Melissa

The info from your web site has helped enormously. Have been using it on and off for some time. AAA +++ Thanks!!!
— Steve from Indiana

Received quotes, helped to get lowest pricing from dealership, thank you!

I want to give you a hearty THANK YOU! for the great report by Chandler Phillips. It took me 4 days to read it all. But WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew some of the ins and outs of car buying, but now I am an educated consumer. VERY WELL WRITTEN. Humorous. funny and yet sometimes sad. Great article! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

I do like your web site & forums. I find it very helpful in researching vehicles, the reviews by your staff as well as owners' views. It helps those of us looking to purchase another vehicle in deciding which vehicle we want. It saves a lot of time & money.
— Tom from North Little Rock, Arkansas

Purchased a new Hyundai Santa Fe. I had many dealers get back to me. I did have one that found my car, and my price! It was a very good experience, and I love my car. I found your website very helpful. Thank you.

I just want to say I really appreciate your appraisal feature. On Kelly I couldn't even figure out how to do it, so after about 10 minutes of trying I gave up. Thanks.

I have used your site to buy several cars and have always gotten correct and abundant information for the purchase. Thanks!

Using Edmunds helped us learn what price we should pay for a new Hyundai Sonata. We actually paid less than invoice for our new car.

We bought a 2010 Ford Fusion with only 15,000 miles on it. The Ford dealership was quite nice — no pressure and we got what we wanted. We love our Ford Fusion. Ford really got this one right.

Purchasing a vehicle was made simple using Edmunds.com. With prices, inventory and incentives at your finger tips, I know I got the best of the best deals that were out there. Thanks soooooooo much.

I very much appreciated the online tools that Edmunds offers. The tools were easy to use, saved me a lot of time, allowed me to shop a variety of dealers and provided the needed review data while providing a quick response to my inquiries. Very satisfied!

Buying a new vehicle was EASY. Thank you so very much for this wonderful website. It took ALL the hassle out of buying a new vehicle. Within ONE day I found what I wanted. With all the helpful literature available on your website, I was able to ask the right questions and understand exactly what I was being told. I felt confident and secure with all the knowledge you supplied me with. I was able to purchase exactly what I wanted at a price I knew was right. Thanks again for ALL your help. If anyone still feels the need to wander around a car lot and haggle back and forth with a salesperson, they must enjoy the exercise and mind games. Thank goodness I will never feel intimated by sales tactics and pushy salesman again.
— Lisa from Castalia, Ohio

Thank you for your helpful website. The TMV® and True Cost to Own® were really helpful — it put the Pruis, Mazda3, and Soul+ in perspective. But the loan calculator was the best! It helped me understand what I could afford. When I did purchase the car and had agreed to a price below your stated invoice, they told me my monthly payments were $30 more a month over 60 months. I asked them why that was and to double check if something had been added because Edmunds' figures were different. They looked and said "oh they put something on" and immediately took it off. Your calculator saved me $1800+ interest by knowing that. This was my first time buying a car and I knew nothing about cars, so your 10 steps, negotiation, and add on scams articles were really helpful. When I went to buy, one dealer started playing games so your advice saved me the drive. Additionally, your True Cost to Own® helped me realized that the dealers 'sale' on the 6-year maintenance plan cost about 1/2 of what your site estimated maintenance would be for 5 years so in theory you have saved me at least $1600 there. Thank you for your help. It saved me a bundle and educated me about a stressful process.
— Tiffany from Pacifica, California

I was able to get the car I wanted, with the options I wanted, color at the best bargain price! Thank you so much for your website and I will recommend to everyone I come into contact!
— Leonor

Your new car price quote service was excellent, thank you very much. Two of the 3 dealers responded as they should, one responded but without a price quote. We will use it again.
— Jack

Hi Edmunds! I've been reading your website's articles for months now in anticipation of a new car purchase. When this sale happened in September, I was prepared. After a successful negotiation (using tips from your site), we were given the sales contract to inspect. We saw a document/admin fee of $329. We balked at this, and our salesman called the manager. He said the fee covered the document processing and the runner going to the registry to get the plates. My dad had just bought a new car a few years back, and said he paid a doc fee of $75. In Massachusetts, the inspection fee is $29, which is understandable; that can't be helped. We told him we would have to think about it. As anticipated, he jumped to keep us from leaving, and offered to search for legal precedent. He claimed our $75 was bogus, and that this $300 was the norm. He Googled a few key terms, and began scrolling. Eventually he clicked a link I never thought he would; he clicked a link to a page I had read earlier that day: an Edmunds link. I just remember thinking "oh he did not just do that..." It was the page about "What Fees Should You Pay?" He scrolled down to the Doc Fees section, and read aloud, thinking it was his victory. When he read off the line about how "if you are paying anything over $100 you need to negotiate more aggressively," I could see his face fall. He had walked right into his own trap. We agreed to pay him $100 as times have changed, and we asked him to offset the $200. He gave us $100 more on the trade-in, and three free oil changes to augment the one free change given by the dealer. I never thought I'd see an auto sales manager walk into his own trap. It was so much fun to watch! Edmunds came through for me this time. You've got a reader for life! Thanks!
— Jim from Boston, Massachusetts

Thanks Edmunds for the priceless information you provided me as I researched, ordered and now own a new Ford pick-up truck. We also purchased a Nissan Murano a few months back with the help of Edmunds.com. I cannot list here all the questions your site answered for me and all the information I used from your site, so just a big THANK YOU.
— Michael and Cherie from Levittown, Pennsylvania

This site has helped tremendously — thanks!

Very impressed with the information on your site. I was able to pick my top choices, and then do the test drives. Your information is well written and put together for ease of reading. Thank you! And I love my 2011 Kia Sorento!!

Edmunds is a pleasure. Keep up the good work.

Edmunds.com was extremely helpful in supplying information regarding both the Toyota Yaris we researched as well as the 2011 Ford Fiesta. When visiting dealerships for both cars, the salespersons were helpful. To date we have driven a Yaris and have examined 2011 Fiestas, accompanied by a salesperson. At present we are leaning toward purchasing a Fiesta in a few months — and anticipate that financing options offered will be a bit better. The reviews for the Fiesta are excellent, and we found that most of the features we prefer are standard equipment on the Fiesta, rather than options. Thanks.
— Jennifer

Your new car information was a big help in deciding which auto to select. With the dealer quote feature, we were able to narrow it down to two dealers and then the final selection. Your website is G R E A T!

Your website is great. Saved be about $1,500.00 just by using your forums; and your website reviews and insight helped me choose the Mazda 5.

Dear Editors, I'm so thankful for the article about shopping for auto insurance written by Phillip Reed.

I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks. Your resource proved very helpful in our new vehicle purchase. Again, thanks.
— Jack from Wellborn, Texas

After a lot of research, I decided to purchase a Nissan Maxima from Orr Nissan. This dealership is under new ownership and management, and I found they are working really hard to establish a good reputation. Sales personnel was very helpful and knowledgeable. Having done my homework before going in, I was happy with the deal I made. The owner came in and introduced himself. The sales manager came in and introduced himself. I have been buying cars for many years, and this has never happened before. I have had two follow up calls from them also to be sure everything was O.K. and was told if any problems should occur to call them directly. This is impressive. I also met the service manager. Hopefully service is as good as sales. Love my new car!

I really appreciated the Edmunds car buying experience. We had several offers, negotiated an acceptable price and purchased a 2011 Honda Accord EXL with navigation system.

I used information from Edmunds to help purchase a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox 2LT from Greenwood Chevrolet in Fort Meade, Florida. The dealer is a member of the Sams Club auto buying program. They gave me the best deal I could find. Thanks for the help.

Used your helpful information to find a used car at a good price. After looking at new cars, and asking for bids, the new car dealers seem to have an agreement on what they will charge. Everyone was within a few dollars, and none of them were offering the best deal. So I found a used car from an individual, followed all the steps to get a good car at an excellent price.
— Henry from Anderson, South Carolina

Using Edmunds website to search information and dealerships in my area was excellent. I received an overwhelming response from all the dealerships in my area with quotes.

Thank you for providing your services every year.
— Angela from Brentwood, New York

I found your site extremely helpful and with it I was armed with all the facts. Thanks a bunch!!!

With a great help from Edmunds, I have purchased my 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE model successfully. Really appreciate the Edmunds function of getting quotes from multiple car dealers and TMV® prices. I could only bring down the price when I negotiated with my dealer based on TMV® benchmark figures. I love it. Thanks a lot.

I received a better than average price once I had the actual price for the car and options. The two dealers I was dealing with kept lowering the price to get me to buy. It was nice to just sit back and watch them fight it out.

The Dealer Price Quotes process was painless and quick. I did lease a new 328i BMW and I am very satisfied.

The info that you provided was excellent. I made contact with the internet sales person for the dealership. I plan to purchase the car before the year ends... hoping for an even better price as the year ends.

What others were paying was right on the money!!! Thanks so much.
— Ellen from Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania

Confessions of a Car Salesman by Chandler Phillips — Great article!

Excellent source to research the right car at the right price. There are so many benefits to the website and too few characters to type. I would recommend a test drive at www.edmunds.com before going shopping for a car.

(re: What Fees Should You Pay?)
Bless you for including all this information!!!! It is so helpful. Thank you, thank you!!

My father uses your site exclusively to research new cars and therefore I thought it to be a good place to start as well. I was able to purchase my new 2010 Ram 1500 for $1400 below invoice. I got multiple quotes and your articles prepared me to negotiate to get such a great price. Thanks again!
— Ken from California, Maryland

Thank you so much for all your available assistance in helping me buy and chose a new car wisely. You guys rock.
— Ozzie from Bronx, New York

I recently used Edmunds.com to research information on purchasing a new or used car. I must say, after being referred here, I never stopped thanking my family member enough. I came to Edmunds the very afternoon before I made my final decision. I knew it was going to be a Toyota Camry. Edmunds provided me information on the different incentives that dealers receive; in addition, they provided information on how much people were paying for the same exact car in the area that I live. In the end, using Edmunds and doing further research, I got my car for $17,600 brand new. Thank you very much Edmunds! Job well done. I will continue to use your website and refer others to it.
— Jay from Maple Valley, Washington

I found the Edmunds site invaluable in my recent car purchase. From car reviews, True Cost to Own®, comparisons, how to buy a car advice — it's all there, for every level. I was able to get three Internet quotes from local dealers and easily compare. Thank you for all the work you do!

The process was great. Got price quotes, compared to your TMV® costs and had a great experience with the dealer I chose.

Thank you so much for the great job you guys are doing with the site and its content. I purchased a new Jeep this past week and felt I was quite prepared due largely in part to Edmunds. The article "Confessions of a Car Salesman" was insightful, and one concept from that article really paid off for me. I shopped online for features I wanted, narrowed down to a few vehicles I was interested in, went and test drove and decided on a vehicle, then did all my shopping online with the dealer price quotes option. Then it was a matter of a few emails back and forth, usually not dealing with salesman but rather the fleet manager or internet manager, and it seemed like we cut through red tape quicker. At the end of the deal, I got a 2010 Jeep Patriot (MSRP $24,500, Invoice $23,600) for $22,800 from out of state with free door-to-door delivery. Long story short, I am telling EVERYONE about Edmunds, thank you!
— Shane

Edmunds is the best! I used the Edmunds site to contact a dealership for a 2011 Toyota Sienna. David from Moultrie Toyota contacted me immediately and offered a price lower than the TMV® price with Edmunds. I had been shopping at a local dealership for this vehicle and his offer was almost $2500 less than their price on the exact vehicle. THANK YOU Edmunds!! It took over 2 months for David to get me the exact Sienna I wanted but he delivered!
— Marsha from Jacksonville, Alabama

I found your site extremely helpful and read both reviews written by the professionals and by customers on several different types of vehicles. I would recommend your site to anyone as a starting place when looking for a new car.

My car shopping experience in buying a Highlander Hybrid Limited was very good. I got quotes from several dealers, not including my local Toyota of Berkeley dealer. However, they agreed to sell the car at the lowest quote that I got from another dealer. No hassles whatsoever.

Thank you for True Market Value®. I used your data to purchase a 2010 Dodge Challenger RT for $1000 below invoice. Thanks to your undercover reporter, I was able to stand my ground and get what I wanted for my trade in without changing the purchase price of the car. Without all this information, I would not have been able to get this deal. Thank you Edmunds.

Thanks for a great website. I could never have found the Forester I love without your help.

Your website helped us during our purchase of a 2010 Ford F-150 Supercrew. Thank you.

Very good buying experience. Would recommend the site to any prospective buyer.

Edmunds was a great service in the purchase of my new Subaru. I researched the cars that were of interest to me, comparing features and reading reviews of the vehicles. I was able to list all of the features that I wanted and Edmunds sent them to four dealers. I heard back from all of the four dealers with solid price quotes. The dealer from whom I bought the car got back to me within a few hours of my first request. They also had the best price. Your advice and references took the pain out of shopping for a new vehicle.

Kudos. Your site provided excellent information and was a big help in my decision as to which car to purchase. Thank you.

Dear Editors, I just read this article. It is a thing of beauty. Engaging, concise enough without becoming unwieldy in scope. Fine relay of useful information and I must acknowledge it drew me in and informed. Something to feel good about.

I read about Authority Auto car buying services on Edmunds.com. Well, I used Authority Auto, and they were awesome! An absolutely fantastic experience — their service was great. I dealt with Andy Goldman, and he got me almost $3,000 off on a brand new 2010 MINI Cooper. I'd never used a service like this before, but after reading the reviews from Edmunds and knowing how reputable Edmunds is, I gave Authority a try. Definitely a worthwhile investment. Thanks to Edmunds for the information on Authority Auto.

Confessions of a Car Salesman... fantastic read... not a fluff piece but real journalism... the writer pulled off a verbal 60 minutes style journalism... kudos and thanks

We appreciated the opportunity to review price information on the 2010 Chevrolet Impala on your site. It was very helpful when we visited the dealer.

Good experience — thanks for the internet and Edmunds. I was able to contact 5 dealers, establish prices, and do it all in a two day period. Thanks!

Your site is a tremendous help. I appreciated your reviews of the vehicles, and the customers' input about their real cars.

(re: "Confessions of a Car Salesman")
This is a very interesting and well written story — there are literally MILLIONS of other distractions vying for my attention on the intertubes, yet I felt compelled to read his entire narrative. And I don't even care about cars, beyond the fact that having one means I don't need to walk places. In short, well done Chandler Phillips and Edmunds.com.

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. I have been in the market for a new car, and with your assistance, I have eliminated some real problems before they began. It is helping me choose and helping me sell. Thank you so much.!

I was impressed with info on Edmunds and used it to my advantage. I was shopping for a 2011 Subaru Outback 3.6R Ltd... I found one with more options than I was looking for, but figured what the hell... the car as equipped had $2447 of options, MSRP was $34,667, Invoice price was $32,109, TMV® price was $34,409. I found the car online, I called and asked how close could they get to $32,500... To my astonishment, they said they could do it! It seems to help if you know specifically what car you want and know what the TMV should be. In addition, I think the dealers are more willing to cut to the chase and give a bottom line price via internet/phone shopping as opposed to haggling if you just show up at the lot. Wife and I drove to Dick Hannah Subaru, hooked up with Richard and started the paperwork... For some reason my wife started whining about title and registration fees... threatened to walk... Believe it or not, they took another $100 off the price... we bought our 2011 Subaru for only $291 over Invoice! So, I want to profusely thank you for the valuable service you provide for car buyers. It is typically a miserable, hours-long fight of haggling back and forth... this was the easiest and best deal we've ever made!

I needed a new vehicle. I was driving a 1992 Dodge Stealth that I had purchased new. I thought I'd go totally different seeing as to the fact that I enjoy buying and selling at flea markets. I wanted options, cargo space and also better mileage. I didn't want any more speed rated tires that cost me a fortune for the Stealth and didn't last past 24,000 miles. I was sick of high gas prices, having to purchase premium unleaded for the Stealth. Although I looked at a lot of vehicles, I was always drawn back to the Chevy HHR. I found a dealer advertising a fully loaded HHR (MSRP of $24,740) for $18,195. It wasn't the color I wanted, but was willing to go without for the price. I then sent an email to a salesman that I had been keeping in touch with in Iowa. He said he could meet or beat any deal. He kept his word — his sales manager let me purchase my new Chevy HHR (MSRP of $24,990) for $18,195 in Imperial Blue Metallic. It has a few little options that the other didn't have and is the color I wanted. Thank you so much. I don't think I would have found such a great deal if it hadn't been for all my research and dealer searching using your site.

"Confessions of a Car Salesman" is still one of the best car articles I have ever read. Over the years I have recommended it to family and coworkers as a must read. Even if they are not in the market for a car, it is still an entertaining article. I was pleased to run across the updated article with Chandler and Russ.

I was interested in purchasing a used car, and I found the most helpful information at Edmunds. After getting burned at a major auto dealership a few years ago when we purchased a new car, when we decided to buy a used car I came across Edmunds. I just purchased a 2009 Dodge Caliber SXT. I used the "10 Steps to Buying a Used Car" to the letter; I got a great deal and didn't pay any added fees — just sales tax and the DMV fee. Thank you Edmunds on showing me how to negotiate!!!!!!!!!

Chandler Philips, THANK YOU for the exhaustive research and information in your article "Confessions of a Car Salesman." Buying a vehicle has always been traumatic for me, and I was lucky enough to have a fabulous 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo — reliable, good-looking, and paid for. But in mid-May, a guy driving a large 50's model pick-up hit me hard and rolled the Jeep, which was totaled. Yes — I'm lucky to be alive. So I came upon your very thorough article (worthy of being published in the NY Times Magazine!) while I was researching vehicles on Edmunds.com. Your article described every tactic that has been played on me, down to guilt trips, to the salesperson's saying "$300" after I gave him a max monthly payment of $250. He came back with "$298.75," and after reading your article and doing the math I realized that there would be a balloon payment at the end because the REAL cost of the loan would mean a $409 payment monthly. Thank you so much for going forth and "playing the game" so others could make more informed decisions. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

I just wanted to let you know how great your website is and how much I appreciate the information that is here. I was recently searching for a new pickup truck and came to your website for information. I thought that I would be on your site for an hour or two; however, I found that I could not stop reading the articles. From initial research, editor articles, True Market Value®, owners reviews, used vehicle values, and especially the tips section with countless articles which were more than helpful. I really can't say enough about how easy this made the whole process. In the end, after all of my research, I used your services to get competing bids on the truck that I selected, and finally walked into a dealership feeling more than confident on what I wanted for price with my selected options. I had my folder which was about two inches thick with all my info, bids, and assessed value for my trade in, and I left very, very happy. In the end, I got more than I initially thought I would for my trade in and got my new Toyota Tundra for $1,000.00 dollars below invoice price. My brother is currently in the market for a new car, and I highly recommended him to go to edmunds.com to do his research before he even walks onto a dealer's lot. Just like many other people, I always hated the thought of having to go shop for a new vehicle and deal with car salesmen, but now I'm actually looking forward to finding a car for my wife when the time comes. Once again, you guys do an awesome job and please keep up the good work.

Edmunds.com helped me purchase a new 2010 GMC Terrain SLT 2 3.0L V6 with 19 inch chrome wheels and tow package at an incredible price. I started researching various cars, crossovers and SUVs on Edmunds.com four months before I was going to purchase a vehicle. I read consumer reviews, safety reviews, and models reviews as well as "Confessions of....." articles and "10 Steps to Buying a New Car" contained on your website. All of this information helped me decide on the Terrain, but most of all it gave me the necessary tools to be a smart consumer. I have purchased other vehicles without the use of Edmunds.com, and unfortunately my previous purchases made the salesmen and dealerships a lot of money, but not this time. I am pleased to say my Terrain invoiced at $31,238, has a MSRP $33,045 and TMV® of $31,791, but my purchase price was $31,545. I cannot believe that I only paid $307 above invoice for a brand new car. The best part is that two of the three dealerships I visited were asking around $36K for the same car since they added costs for "dealer upgrades," but because I was aware of their tactics, I avoided paying an extra $5K. Thank you Edmunds.com for providing consumers with such valuable information.

WOW! I'll be honest, I do not usually have time to read, but I could NOT take my eyes off the page when I read the "Confessions of a Car Salesman" by Chandler Phillips. He is one of the best writers ever!! Kudos to you for hiring someone who knows how to tell an interesting story so descriptive you feel like you are there. As a woman, I feel the information he gave is invaluable. I will never think about buying a car the same way again! I actually fell for the "you look great in that car" line. Thank you for this educational and entertaining article.

Thank you!!!! I could not find how many years the long bed was offered on the Nissan Frontier Crew Cab. Your site gave me the info that the long bed was intro'ed in 2007. The 5 local dealers I visited would not or could not give this info. Most just want to unload their high-end leftovers before the new model year is introduced.

I bought a car today, and got a great deal...thanks to edmunds.com!! I want to thank you for all the great information you provide on your website. I had everything I needed to make an informed decision. Information is power, indeed. I felt very comfortable and very confident during the entire process. I bought a used car, was armed with TMV® for the car I purchased as well as my trade in. I learned how to negotiate, and it worked! Thank you so much!!

This website is awesome. I came to the site (via ask.com) to get information about the taxes and fees for motor vehicles in Minnesota. Little did I know that I was also going to be able to get information on vehicle reviews as well as the difference in price between MSRP, Invoice, and What Others Are Paying. I definitely feel well prepared for my visit to the dealer now. Thanks for your help!

First of all I want to say KUDOS to all of you working hard to let the public know everything about car buying. Your site really helped me a lot in carefully planning to buy a car. Recently, I was so ready to buy a BMW X6 but because of the tips that I learned, I was able to get away from buying a car with an accident that did not show up in CARFAX. So to all buyers out there, be careful and get someone to check a used car for any trouble.

I just read your "Confessions of a Car Salesman" story on your website and I just wanted to tell you (as a soon-to-be new car first time buyer) I am extremely grateful and enlightened by the story. I have no doubt I would have fallen into the same pitfalls as some of the customers in the story. After reading the story I can definitely say I will be going into my first new car buy with confidence and not fear. A major congratulations to your website for your efforts. I am definitely an Edmunds.com fan for life.

I have always considered your website an excellent source of information, especially when considering purchasing a vehicle. I always research the vehicle I am considering purchasing and the value of my trade. Websites like yours are an invaluable source of information. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Thanks Edmunds for pointing me to Internet buying. I used your site to research the 2011 Toyota Camry LE. I then used your link to invite offers from dealers. I just bought my car for $19,975 with the 4 cyl automatic, alloy wheels, and carpets. Your site states invoice is $21,477 and MSRP $23,854. No haggling — I just accepted the great Internet price the dealer offered. Toyota is obviously a motivated seller with all their recent bad PR, but Internet sales made this a pleasant buying experience.

Thank you for your "10 Steps to Buying a New Car." I read them and used them and feel much better about the car I bought this weekend. It really helped to highlight the differences between dealerships and also to get a better deal. Thank you, thank you.

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy Inside Line. In my opinion, it is the best car site — period. Thank you and keep up the good work.

This extensively educated octogenarian would like to thank you for four profound articles relating to car salesmen and women, and buying tips.

Thank you! Nardy Honda not only sent quotes but the entire experience of buying a car from them was just wonderful. There was no high pressure sales, I got the price that was quoted with no extras added, they were the best. Thank you for having them on your list of dealers.

The original undercover research conducted by Chandler Phillips and his follow-up interview with Russ Wortman was an absolutely outstanding piece of work. It offers great insight into the hidden art of car sales with very practical and useful recommendations on how to avoid being a victim. Thank for all for providing this great service for the car buying public.

I just want to thank the staff for the valuable resources for buying a new car. We went out this weekend to purchase our first Subaru at the Fairfield, CA location. We negotiated a great price based on the TMV® provided for the vehicle. When we went back to the dealership the next day to pick up the car, we realized the car was not the one we negotiated in the deal. They tried to give us a car of lesser value to rip us off. Because of your "Bait and Switch" article, we caught the fraud before we left with the car. When we confronted them about where the car was we negotiated, we were told, "the vehicle sold." So we called another dealer and asked to look up the VIN only to find the vehicle still available. We had the vehicle transferred and ended up getting extra options added for $100.00 less than what we would have paid in Fairfield. Thank you for providing informative reading material to help consumers hold these dealerships at bay!

I have to say, this article ("Confessions of a Car Salesman") is wonderful. Well written, humorous, and in so many ways, horribly true. Chandler Phillips managed to put into words what I have been thinking for almost 15 years.

I was in car sales for two years. A single mom of two kids, I had tried hard to make a go at it and was struggling, when a friend suggested car sales to me as a way to get ahead, the money was 'SO GOOD' and I DO have a persuasive personality. I quit my job, and went to one of the dealerships, and the fact that they hired me was a testimony to my 'persuasiveness' since I found out later they hated the idea of women in car sales.

I did okay, the benefits were good, and the money was better than what I had been making so I was able to get off of some of the public assistance I had been on. But when you do bad in car sales, it hurts, there's nothing to fall back on, and the things you find yourself willing to do to make a dollar (especially when the kids need to eat) are horrible. The guilt I still have over some of the deals we made with some very trusting customers is still very fresh.

And though my family did better financially, the ridiculous amount of hours I had to put in to make it work was counterproductive.

I enjoyed the camaraderie of the other salesmen, and learned a lot about 'selling' things (including ideas) which have benefited me since then, so the experience wasn't a total loss. But Mr. Phillips makes a good point when he says the dealership and the management are the true bad guys. What they do to both the salesman and the customer is shameful, and I am glad I am no longer a part of it.

Thank you for hiring Mr. Phillips, and thanks to him for doing this piece. Both for myself who found it nice to see in print what I had believed for all these years, and for offering it to prospective customers who don't have to put up with it — if they just know the facts and go in educated. Buying a car shouldn't be the nightmare it is at a dealership, I've seen a few that have better sales practices, and I think the whole industry could use a overhaul. I will be sharing this article with a great many people.

I wanted to thank Edmunds. Your review of the 2010 Outback and advice to always test drive a vehicle at night before purchasing kept us from making a costly mistake. I have problems driving at night. While the Outback fit all my other needs, if I hadn't seen your review indicating headlights were adequate but weak, I would not have tested it at night. While it's a good choice for a lot of people, it would have been a very costly mistake for me. I did not see this mentioned in any of the other reviews I read as I researched new vehicles. Kudos to Edmunds for doing such a great job.

I just wanted to comment on how helpful the edmunds.com site has been in negotiating the purchase of a new Lexus IS 250. It seems that nearly all dealers have some smoke and mirror tactics (add-ons to invoice, vehicle theft insurance, etc.), but when they are pushed dealers generally agree on the accuracy of the information provided on the edmunds.com website. There are many other 'pretenders' out there, but you are the real deal. Thanks.

Edmunds.com is the best site for appraising used cars. You can actually enter the exact options for the car model and you can compare the trade-in, private party, and retail amounts for the same condition. Thanks!

Just a note of thanks for the help I received from this fine website. I bought my first new vehicle since 1984, and after I figured the "what others are paying in your area" price, I was able to negotiate an very good "out the door" price (almost $600 BELOW the "what others" price). For the very first time, I felt confident negotiating in a dealership because I had a good idea what a reasonable price was for my new Tacoma. I've used this website for years for figuring used car values, but never for pricing a new car. Outstanding resource!

One of your articles said shop around for your own interest rates; in other words, do your homework (not just on how many HP the car has!). I just purchases a Sienna. The dealer was about to make me go sign my name without even telling me the dang APR. I asked, he said 5.99% (no Toyota incentives for the 2011). I already had a bank pre-approve me for 3.59%, so I told them "no thanks, I'll use my own bank for the loan." Boy are they stressed out over that! They had to get their other "manager" who did some mumbling and page-flipping and staring very hard at the computer screen. They kept trying to sell me the extras in the meanwhile. Finally they said 3.49%. Thanks Edmunds!

I have been following Edmunds and now Inside Line for years and you never fail to impress. I just viewed your site with my Google Nexus One and watched some videos, and they were some of the clearest, smoothest videos I've found on the web. YouTube needs to take a page out of your book for video quality. Keep up the good work!

I am in awe of this site. It is absolutely invaluable, and I can't believe the info is free. Thank you so much, and when I roll out in my new Dodge Challenger you will be sure to hear about it!

I just want to say that I think your articles are well written, informative, and sometimes very clever and funny. The restrained humor in your articles is great. I sometimes read reviews of cars I'll never consider buying just because your writing is so good. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Edmunds.com helped with the purchase of my mother's automobile and prevented a serious over payment. Auto dealers still live up to their reputations as wolves; however, having multiple sources of automobile information on the internet is a blessing. Thank you.

I have accessed your website several times since I first decided to purchase a new vehicle two weeks ago and found it to be very informative — especially the article "Confessions of a Car Salesman." Yesterday afternoon I submitted your price quote form for a new 2010 Subaru Outback Sport to 5 different dealerships. I received a positive response from four of the five within 12 hours — FANTASTIC! I am confident I will have a new vehicle within the next week or so thanks to your informative/interactive website. I will encourage other "new car shoppers" to use your beneficial website as well.

Fantastic service!! Received 3 offers by email and purchased a car the next day from the first dealership who responded to me. Armed with Edmunds info about the dealer invoice, I knew I was getting a great deal. Applied for the loan online which saved tons of time. It was the best car buying experience ever. Thank you Edmunds.com!

Thanks to your website I was able to get a price lower than the average in my area for a Kia Soul + with the moon roof and upgraded sound — out the door at $17,696. And, thanks to a great sales person at Bob Sight Kia in Kansas City, he offered me the competitor's $1000 discount since the car I'm replacing is a Scion XA. (It didn't handle the recent snow storm very well.) Your service has helped me buy two cars in the past five years.

Thank YOU!! I consulted your website yesterday to check out the 2010 Kia Forte Koup. We have been looking for a new car for our college freshman. She goes to school 7 hours away and needs something safe and reliable. After consulting your website, we printed out the TMV® information and visited the Koon Kia Dealership in Woodbridge, VA. We test drove the car and our daughter loved it! I told the salesman up front that I would pay no more than $17,000 out the door for this vehicle... no trade in and I was writing a check for the full amount. It took a bit of bargaining but we got the car for $17,008.00. Thank you, Edmunds, for this valuable service that you offer the consumer. The website is easy to navigate and the information is easily understood by the average consumer. You saved me over $1000.00 — I am sure of it!!

I just purchased a pre-owned 2008 Toyota Prius and had a really good experience compared to my previous car-buying outings. I read and re-read many parts of your site from reviews, TMV®, and recommendations for car shopping and just felt prepared to contribute to the negotiations. I appreciated all the information on your site very much.

I used your TMV® information and quote service to purchase a new 2010 Honda Civic Sedan EX-L w/Nav for $22,100 out the door, which was about $400 below your recent pricing for my area. Thank you!

Thanks to Edmund's online TMV® calculator, I was able to immediately start negotiating at the recommended TMV® price of $26,400 for a Certified 2008 Chevy Tahoe LS. Based on other printouts from Edmunds, I further negotiated the final selling price down to $25,500 — that's $900 below the TMV®! I wouldn't have had the facts to back up my negotiations if it hadn't been for Edmunds. Thank you Edmunds for providing this service and helping me keep more of my money.

Dear Editors, I just wanted to thank you for this article ("A Total Loss? Tips for Filing a Claim After a Serious Car Accident"). I was just in a car accident with a women who ran a red light. As the party that is not at fault, I have found it hard to determine how exactly to handle everything and what my rights are in regards to the 'totaling' or repair of my car and how I should be compensated for its pre-accident value. This article has been by far the most helpful and informative I have come across. Thank you!

edmunds.com ROCKS! After researching, test driving and selecting a vehicle, I used the Dealer Price Quotes Service to contract three local dealerships at 4 p.m. Within a few hours I was quoted a price that was several hundred dollars less than the True Market Value®. I completed the transaction within a couple of hours the following day. There was no haggling or pressure to buy anything else. After all was said and done, the price was even a bit lower than I was quoted. I will never buy another car any other way. Thank you!

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